Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another busy weekend

All went well this weekend. I got all the items done I set out to accomplish. One was the Irish tutu was mailed out. My Pink tutu sold and was mailed out, and I also finished the custom alchemy order of a tutu dress with headband, wand and matching doll tutu. Thankfully my husband was very appeasing by giving me a hand with the house upkeep and the kids. I told him I will be expecting it more often, especially if my wish comes true of my work being a hit!
The purple tutu dress I was able to add a lining to the inside of it which came out better than expected and now know it will be more comfortable for little ones to wear. This is something I haven't seen being done in other tutu shops so I am happy to be offerring it :)

Between all the work I did this weekend I managed to make it to my daughter's first 2 soccer games and keep my son out of the net during game time. We couldn't figure out why he kept running on the field during the game and finally it ended so we let him run off and he went straight to sit inside the goal net! For every kid his own huh :)

We made a family dinner too, my husband's idea and had both sets of parents over, which turned out good.

I am looking forward to next weekend because I made a date with my husband and kids to go pumpkin picking and the whole nine yards of fall activities, this is completely my favorite time of year!

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Japlish Delights

I LOVE that custom Tutu that you did! The colors are amazing. And the lining idea is wonderful. That's definitely a selling point that would set you apart from other sellers.


I think you have a way cute Etsy shop! Let me know if you are interested in being featured on My email is: Thanks! Tara