Thursday, March 31, 2011

Told you Jacoby was Cuter Tuesday

I did mention yesterday on WIWW that Jacoby looked much cuter on Tuesday because we were out and about in the morning because Tuesday's I usually work.

Take a look at my handsome boy, I am just so in love * *

Ok moving on... So I decided over at my Fab 5 blog with my friends to entice them to try to spring clean their dressing styles after the winter rut... Yesterday after WIWW I was not thrilled how I looked in pictures so figured to get more incentive to try to look nice and in style on a daily basis instead of MOMMY WEAR!

Today my end result and after noticing picturing yourself makes a huge difference in what you see....

Again Jill's Cap - not feelin' my hair this week at all - shall I chop chop or just need to blonde it up with some highlights?

Cardi - Limited
Tank - Khol's
Jeans - Nordstums J Brand (which Im never giving back to my sister)
Trust ol' UGGS - Nordstrums
Scarf - H&M

my Cobeman this morning who had pink eye, but is clearing up today.... where do they get these things!
So I crave fashion on top of being a crafty mom, crafty mom's can have style right? I always remember the crafty mom's when I was young being very out dated... I dont want to be out-dated! even when my wrinkles take over :D
But all the crafty ladies I've met here all seem to be in style, Keep it up!!!!

Moving on....

Here's me thinking of how I am going to fit some fabulous ladies in my living room to do some Zumba tonight...

My friend decided to become a Zumba instructor on top of being a full time pediatric nurse and raising to little girls - she's nuts like me I guess :)
Tonight she's going to try some routines out on us so we can critique her... I am pretty excited since I haven't done Zumba in 2 years... (if you've followed in the past Z broke his arm one winter, which Kaboshed my Zumba classes because he needed my assistance with the kids at night - and then never got around to getting back to it)

Ill report back on how it goes...
Lastly, here's my latest Spring Bag... Its not ready for sales yet though, because I need to tweek some of the structure, size and sewing procedures for it.... but it seems to be like so far over on Facebook.      


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wedsnesday

I started my morning off in PJ pants, a warm up jacket, sneakers and a cap to bring Camryn to school. Then I came across all these ladies getting dressed this weds! So I have changed, although I am not satisfied with the look, but I through it together in seconds to get out of my PJ's! Jacoby decided to join me and brush his teeth in the mirror thats was already mangled by the kids prior admiration of them selves up close and personal to the mirror.... (Think Jacoby could be changed as well as he's in his comfy house clothes... he looked much cuter yesterday!)

Sweater - H&M
Bra top Tank - Khols
Wrinkled Skirt - Old Navy
Cotton RIbbed Tights - Gap
Hunter Boots - Zappos :)
Cap - to be seen below - borrowed from a friend :P

After that though I wasn't feeling the sweater, still felt FRUMPY... So I through on instead a Short Sleeved Polo Sweater probably from Marshalls... (I swear to have a better outfit next time!)

This is all I will be doing today though, besides running to the library to drop off some books and to the Parks and Rec's office to sign the kids up for the city Easter Egg Hunt (Cant wait!!)

So sitting in front of the sewing machine... in my poor dining room I've taken over since my basement work area was too cold through the winter...

Watching Jacoby from afar watch his shows, color and destroy the house...

All awhile taking in the aroma of my favorite Yankee Candle scent of the moment and creating fabulous handbags! Hoping to knock out my own for the spring today too!

Have a sassy and lovely Weds!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Busy Purse Making

I've been swamped with making purses lately. Lots and lots of spring handbags going out around town, take a look. . . 

I had a "purse party" about a month ago and these are some of the products. The purse party involved a huge get together of ladies with all my fabric, bag examples, so appetizers, wine and chatting that made for a huge success. My next one is lined up for the end of April for some ladies who didnt make it to the premier purse party event.  It was so fun to see all the different styles and patterns each lady liked and wanted. And it was pretty funny to see some scour over the fabrics for a few hours and still be uncertain what they wanted and then the few that came in, picked them out in 10 minutes and then sat around mingling the rest of the time. 

I just finally cut mine out last night to sew up because mine from the fall is definitely in need of retirement. I ran that thing around everywhere, loved it, and now its time to love another one!

Its going to be a new style and Im so excited to get it done because Im making Camryn a matching mini version of mine. I always make mine, my moms or my sisters first if its a new style to work out all the kinks. Stay tuned for the new bag style!

Also, go to Women Who Do it All for a great giveaway with the possibility to win something such as a great bag from  Yellow Plum Blossoms, she has a wonderful blog for all the great sewing busy moms out there, check it out!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patty's Din

Last night was our St Patty's dinner at the in laws. We did it early so Gamma could give the grandkids their "green" presents prior to Thursday so they'd be able to sport their new green tops.

I first got the kids started on a Leprechaun mask project before dinner...

As you can see, Jacoby tends to get more marker on his face than elsewhere...

Im not quite sure why each of them ended up with a mostly purple leprechaun, I totally tried to get them to use other colors!

Then it was time to whip up our signature sandwiches (all besides me and the kids had cornbeef and sauerkraut, ewww)

As for the kids and I, soup, grilled cheeses and for me .... Grilled Ham and Swiss on Rye with Russian Dressing... mmmm (not quite sure how Irish that is though)

Jacoby getting mad and doing his "taradactil yelp"

Then to top it off we had Irish Sprinkle cookies with cute little flags in them ala Gamma :)

And the whole time I had the joy of having this Irish guy staring at me straight... We all got our green tops, as you can see Camryn already put hers on, and the rest will where ours tomorrow.  Funny thing is - I am not even Irish!!! I guess my kids are tho :)

Happy St. Patty's Day!


The Loop

Today so far has thrown me for a loop and its only 9 am. I truly thought I'd have Camryn in school by 8:30, my errands ran, and me and Jacoby would be at Story time for the terrific 2's by 10:30 for our usual Weds morning date. 

Jacoby, found the camera and pictured himself unknowingly the other day lol

Whats going on?... Well Im on the computer eating frosted flakes out of the box and having my morning coffee, Cam is playing with paper dolls, and Jacoby is bugging her trying to play with her paper dolls.  I was on schedule for once until Jacoby thru me for a loop and I am still unsure what to make of it. He was running around like an animal after he was dressed and I started to go round them up to head out the door and I walk in my room to see Camryn laying in my bed watching TV, and Jacoby standing on a step stool on the side of my bed with a puddle all around him. At first I was quite confused, like how in the world did he pee all over the floor but still have his clothes on and dry? Well I soon came to realize as he proceeded to projectile vomit all over my bedroom floor (thankfully just the floor) it was not pee, just some throwing up disaster I've never seen him do before. Jacoby then was put in the shower I had to clean the floors in my room to the bathroom and obviously did not get Camryn to school. I dont think he's sick, but no idea where the vomit came from so Im scared to take him out in case it happens again. Anyway Cam is now waiting for Boppy (my dad) to come pick her up to drop her off at school, late once again. Her teachers must think I am such a flake not being able to ever get her daughter to school on time. (Yesterday we got there on time tho! Cam wanted to make sure she'd see what the leprechauns did to her class, plus she was the special helper for the day which includes show and tell - the one day she ops to try to be helpful in the morning to be on time for school)

Good luck to the rest of my day and yours~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To New Followers & lovely Tuesday

The FAB 5 (including my sister to the far right, she made her way in this one)

Guess what I talked my Fab 5's into starting...
 our own blog site!! I am so excited because they each have so much fantastic things to share about their indivudual life's and personalities. I told them to think of it as the we're like our own VIEW or The Talk haha.
Ill keep ya'll posted where to find it once up and running... It will have tons of fun topics since we all have so much differences to bring to the table, such as

Exercising that never happens
Baby Pains
Dead Beat Dad issues
Sex, whats that??
In Laws, need we say more

Plus we have so many past stories to share that helped us reach our 30's :)

each of them are so unique! one completely practical yet naive, another creative fun yet classic styled chic!

I am a newbie to Follow Me Back Tuesday... Keep coming back for some more fun projects and life's stories of everyday joys and pains!!!

Personally I just wanted to add this button to my blog post today too!!! How sassy is it! I love it!!!

We were so young! (still are... in body mind and soul)
Here's an oldy but good, of a mid 20's celebration of a Fab 5:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reconnect continued... more

The other day after my last post, I must of had a mini meltdown. Thursday night me , Z and his mom took Cam to Riverdance
 (Camryn loves Irish step dancing and my MIL loves Ireland, so we got tickets for the show for them for Xmas).

Anyway Camryn ended up being up very late, as did Jacoby because my FIL said Jacoby its time for bed, and Jacoby responded I dont want to go to bed, so FIL said ok what do you want to watch... Friday morning comes along and no one wants to get out of bed, so I let them sleep. In the mean time I get a phone call from my Dad saying can you watch Amber this morning,
my sister's 3 yr old daughter. I obviously said yes because thats what I do. I then asked and hoped that either my Dad or my sister would have offered or at least made a more helpful effort to drop Camryn off at school, because she certainly did not have to miss school but she DID! Already upset by this Amber comes strollin' in the house with her suitcase full of dress up clothes, and a reusable grocery bag full of other toys, and just spills them out in front of the front door she just walked in, runs up stairs and leaves her mess behind. I always say my sister's kids are total destroyers, as Im sure mine are at her house too but the whole scenerio just didnt sit well with me... so to go along with my old compaints, what did I do to deal with the siuation, I WHIP OUT THE VACUUM! WHy couldn't I just have jumped in with the kids mess and play or start a craft time, or something other than clean! I was so mad at myself but couldn't help it :(

The Weekend got better though, as I dropped sewing, cleaning, and what not to nap with the kids, shop with the kids and etc. Which was soooo nice! At the same time shopping a bit stressful, but so fun to take Camryn girl shopping trying on clothes with her saying mommy I dont like that one on you but I like the purple one, then she tries on clothes for herself and adores them and then is like mmm mommy you can put this one back I dont need it :)

Ill have more in depth stories of the weekend later....