Monday, March 29, 2010

NC or TX but I'd so rather.... Monday Questions???

Hey its Monday! Another crazy week underway, right??!!

I completely enjoyed hearing what many of you had to say about relocating! Many of you are completely satisfied where you are and other have aspirations of possible places to live which is great. I figured today I’d to share with you my destinations to move to, and please feel free to yay or neh on them.

There are so many places I’d love to seek out to live in but here’s a few that would be cost effective.

f money wasn’t a factor I’d probably choose an incredible southern west coast shoreline city. I would love to look out my window every morning to see the ocean and tons of sailboats in port gearing up for a day sailing and lounging.
But I’m a total East Coast girl through and through (which is why NC is so enticing)! There’s a scene like that Im sure along the outerbanks! See I love cities, but I love the coast, and I love good ol’ country fun and music so where would I go lol….

Also on the line up I found through “J” ‘s fun blog of Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, is a round of fun Monday questions to help get to know many of you better. The where would you live was a fun way to hear from many of you, and these sounded like some fun questions to read about! I believe you can link up as well if you’d like at the Daily Dose of Reality which does the Monday Minute. (I unfortunately am at work this lovely rainy day and have the stinkin’ restrictions preventing my “McLinky” ability.) I am still going to post my answers today, so if interested let me know your answers or post them and let me know where to find them. Also if interested I believe the idea stemmed from ‘s “Getting to Know You” ( I loved the button picture, cute huh?)

1 - Why did you start blogging? Originally it was to be another source to blog about my Etsy shop and stuff like that, but I’ve found so many other great things to vent and learn about from many of you, that sometimes its my own therapy for sanity!

2 - Who's the one blog friend that you would want to meet most in "real life"? Zura from “Sew Retro Chic” She’s lives in Malaysia so is the least likely I’d run into anywhere, but makes and shares “sew” many incredible items she makes for her daughters and such, and sounds like a truly genuine woman.

3 - Why are you always concerned with losing that "extra 10 pounds" when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are? I’m not concerned with losing and extra lbs. People are always telling me to put some lbs. on but with my crazy on the go life style, That’s the one thing I don’t worry about!

4 - What's the one thing you wish guys could understand about you? This will be blunt – Its not that I don’t like s-e-x, its just that I don’t have time for it!

5 - Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your "everyday" clothes? One that’s not visible. The standard chic lower back tat. When I am laying down sometimes my husband tells my kids it’s a sticker & they try to scratch it off. Nice huh!

6 - What was the best year of your life and why? That’s a tough one – I’d have to say my first year of college. I loved my new independence being on my own and no responsibilities. I ate it all up!!!!!

7 - Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day. Does that mean my husband would a be woman for a day??!!

1. Do all the things that “p” off any wife daily like leaving dirty dishes, socks, shoes, clothes, shaved hair, mail etc laying around the house
2. use a urinal
3. scope out hot chics
8 - What's your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few eyebrows? Probably a large stout beer! Im not into wimpy beer :)

With all this… hope everyone has a good week and stops by for some thoughts!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Where would you live?

To me this is a lot of food for thought lately. Zack and I have always loved the idea of relocating. We've said if we were single and/or had no kids yet we would totally have moved from the location we are in now.

Have you ever thought of moving? Our places of where we'd move to have changed over the years since we've have kids also. We went from thinking maybe a west coast party city to more suburban family orientated towns.

Do you have any "practical" special location in mind you'd love to move to? I was hoping for some ideas and input. Maybe you love where your from too! Tell me why :)

Sometimes I love where Im from and sometimes I just think it would be nice to move and see what other locations have to offer. Really the only thing holding us back from moving is our family near by!

I have a few places in mind and will share those eventually, I just want to hear what some of you have to say first.

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Thanks All!!!!!


Playing Catch up

I have been completely out of the loop this week. It’s been absolutely nutty between work, finding time for the family and sewing for the store opening in a little over a month in Boston. I actually went down to Faneuil Hall yesterday to check out the store and how my stuff will be displayed in there. Its sooooo exciting. I have child dress forms I will be able to use which I am most excited about. And they are in a great eye catching position of the store as well.

Today for a fun Friday I wanted to share some pictures of Cam hamming it up for me the other day. She isn’t always willing for a photo shoot so I grab what I can. The one of her standing on our front steps made me realize she’s growing up and she looks so “old” "(

I have to show the Cobeman too, because he was excited to be sporting his spiderman tee!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh what the heck!

I couldn't help myself! I finished Camryn's Easter dress tonight and had to show it off. Well its almost done. I just need to complete the sash, make her matching headband, and I was thinking of adding a flower or something to the dress. (Do you think it will be too much????) I have an obsession with adding fabric flowers to everthing the past few weeks! :)

Oh Yes, and now lets hope it fits ;)

This totally beats the masacre I did the xmas dress, so Zack will now have to have complete faith in me with my crazy ideas.

This is also part of the Weekend Wrap Up Party at TaterTots and Jello - Check out Jen's Weekend blog party for some other incredible things made this week! - The buttons on the side bar!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Dress Update, inspired?

Its Get inspired Day at Sew Dang Cute, and here's what I've been working on this week..... (Purse was inspired actually by the tutorial from "From an Igloo," and my niece obviously for the fabrics :) )

Happy Friday All! I've been terribly busy with Zack gone to Upstate NY again this week so Im being single mommy all week and trying to get my projects in gear for 2 stores now and blablabla....

So here is my update. I finally started Camryn's Easter dress. Its only the top half but it was the more difficult half. Hoping I'll have the bottom finished tonight after the kids head off to bed. What a Friday night for me huh! Oh how I can't even fathom going out on Friday's like I use to 5 years ago! Her dress is going to have a matching flower for her hair too, with the fabric I found for the lining, can't wait, its going to be so cute all put together :)
Here is the funky bag my niece requested. Leopard and Cupcakes! I think it actually looks kind of cute. I also added a matching flower to it as well which I forgot to photograph.

Have a good weekend and hope to catch up soon and see all the fun things you've been up to! Enjoy the nice weather while its around this weekend too, I will be :)

Hey did you also know its "New Friend Friday"???!!! Check it out...


Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Projects

All weekend I was plugging away at my sewing machine and craft corner. As I mentioned in a few posts, I was asked to be apart of the Local Collection store opening next month which is opening in Fanueil Hall in Boston. I am driving myself mad considering I still work a full time day job and am a full time mom and wife! What am I thinking taking on another "gig" like this, but I am soooo excited! I am certainly hoping to make the best out of this and know if I didn't follow through with this new retail store that I'd kick myself in the butt no matter what. So I am taking it on and have come to the realization I am going to be beyond busy, in which I had to advise the hubby I am fully committed :)

Beyond that, I played with a few tutorials from Christine at "From an Igloo." She has had so many cute things on her blog that I just had to try. They seemed simple enough to give a whirl at.

One was this "Scrappy Clutch." Last weekend I took my daughter (age 4) and niece (age 6) to the fabric store and let them pick out their own fabric and I would make them a little purse. The tutorial is for a "clutch," but I turned it into a little girls purse for them, just made a longer strap instead of the smaller one sided strap you'll find in the tutorial. The fabric combo's they were picking out were hilarious, I had to put my foot down a few times, but this is what my Cammi came up with which turned out cute and very "Cam."
My niece, Grace's, is going to be interesting when finished. Just think cupcakes and leopord print! I took the excess from those and compiled one for my 2 yr old niece Amber as well so she doesnt feel left out. So hers will be an interesting combo too :)

Overall this tutorial was great and made for a cute simple weekend project for myself.

Also, another one of her tutorials is the "One Hour Sundress" It did take me a bit longer than an hour, but I had many interuptions :) After I had Camryn try on her new sundress she loved it and I only needed to adjust the straps. I guess I made them too long. And I also only had 1/4" inch elastic available so made due on that too. I added a flower for an extra touch :)

Thanks Christine for sharing those and all the others you share!

~ On another note I started Camryn's Easter Dress too, I also found a great corresponding fabric to the Lindy Leaf I picked from the THIS POST HERE. Its a Yellow swiss dot material that matches perfectly!
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow is my "work from home" day and I am already getting anxious thinking of how Im going to get work done and not clean my house!

A few posts back I said I would add a blog entailing my clutterful home and insane obsession for baskets. These are literally only minor pictures as to the amount of baskets you can find throughout my home. For some reason, I have this notion that hmmmm if i can't find a place to put something it ends up in a random basket, then every few months I go on a rampage of emptying these baskets so they have more meaning as to what they should have in them.

Its funny because Zack will say "where are the plastic plug hider things" and then will ask "where are the take out menus" and Ill direct him to the same basket. I really need to go into basket rehab. It is not the answer to my clutter, its just the junk we collect on a daily basis is incredible and God forbid I toss one of Camryn's random pieces of art work. Usually those things Zack asks for can be found in one of these lovely baskets. One is usually for art supplies, mail supplies, diapers, birthday stuff, pictures. Within a months time these baskets are overflowingNow this one is fun! Our entry way from the garage.... If it was winter year round I think I'd have this area boarded up! Shoes, scarves, mittens, hats, toys, more diapers. This area astonishes me too of what gets collected. And if your wondering whats on the top top there, those are gift bags, easter baskets of all sorts. You need one for a special event, I've got one!
Ok so this one kills me too. I call this the "how does it grow" basket. I empty the toys from this one constantly and it always seems to be overflowing. And those other little ones are for DVDs and other TV whatnots.
Ughhh, the kitchen. Ok so my basket in the kitchen has no rhyme or reason. I bought a new storage case to throw mail in everyday and that just overflowed, so it just went everywhere else. Oh that is my morning best friend, the Keurig, if it wasn't for him, I'd be spending $1000 a year alone just on coffee.
2 baskets here: the dish rack basket, yes we have a dishwasher, but this seems to be full constantly too. and the other basket stores bottles, bibs, and a ton of odds and ends!

Do you have a basket crazy obsession, please share and make me feel better!!!!???
Remember this is only 3 rooms of my home, and every room has more than one basket in it even the kids rooms! And when I go to the store I always find myself impelled to buy another basket!

Some updates and Sentiment today...

I wasn't expecting this, but I am completely having a very sentimental day. These days just creep up on me sometimes, but for some reason I assuming its stemming from the news of Layla Grace yesterday. Every song I've been hearing this morning has been bringing tears to my eyes, which I am also laughing about, because its just one of those days. Some of the songs that have choked me up are Smile by Uncle Cracker (no idea why!), Grown Men Don't Cry by, When the stars go blue, Live like you were dying all by Tim McGraw, Guess Im having a thing for that guy today :) (I have a soft spot for guys in cowboy hats that can play the guitar!, yes Zack knows haha) Our wedding song was It's your Love by T.M. as well.

Last night I invited everyone over for dinner (my parents, my sister's family, and my aunt, whom lost her husband a few weeks ago to cancer, who brought her grandkids over too). It was chaotic, as it usually is with six kids running around crazy while we're trying to prepare and eat dinner, but I just felt completely lucky and blessed for the family I have yesterday. We are very close and always there for eachother, just how family should be. So... Zack got a call a work from me yesterday saying when you stop home for lunch, take out more chicken, everyone's coming over :) (he didn't mind in the least) So what does he do, he sends out an email to everyone giving everyone 3 options for dinner in a menu format (how much do I love him :)):

1. Chicken cooked in a Lemon and Pinot Grigio sauce, garnished with
parsley and Rice

2. Chicken Madeira with baby portobella mushrooms and farfalle pasta

3. BBQ Chicken on the grill with Sweet Baby Rays, steamed corn on the
cob,and rice

All 3 meals to be served with a side Caesar salad

We ended up BBQing because its been a fantastic week weather wise in the Northeast!

Here are a few pictures my mom sent to me this morning of her dropping Camryn off at school, isn't she a doll!
And I guess this is what her and Jacoby are up to today after they dropped her off at school.
Now Some updates:

I got the fabric in the mail two days ago so I plan to start her dress finally this weekend and I will try to document the process for a possible tutorial :) My mom asked me last night, "when are you going to find the time to make it." The thought crossed my mind, but its high up on my laundry list.

I was in contact again with the Local Collection, which I first mentioned HERE. The application is complete, and now Im waiting to see if I will be able to sell my merchandise there or what! The store is suppose to open in Fanuel Hall (Boston) in April. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that this going to be an open door in my "venture."

Speaking of my "venture," (which I began ranting about here) I am completely enthralling my energy towards it right now. I told Zack the other night, "you know when you were younger and had no idea what you wanted to do with your life, well I finally realized what I want to do." I still have a lot of work, but extreme motivation to make it happen.

Happy Hump Day,


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layla Grace, the Angel

I had something else on my mind today until a few posts starting popping up about precious Layla Grace.

I've heard she's now dancing with the Angels. My heart and prayers are going out to the Marsh family today, as hearing her battle had come to end this morning has completely washed all other thoughts out of my head. I am truely speechless to know the loss they are suffering and could never imagine.

Layla Grace's story has completely touched my heart.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Case of the Missing Tutu

Today I wanted to share my newest Tutu. I thought it came out adorable. I tend to sew them more often than the tie version because they are easy to keep up. The tie version tutus get very messy and you need to comb them through them after wearing a lot depending on the crazy girl wearing it :)

The tie version though come out so cute and you have so many color options and other details to add to them. They tend to be puffier too depending on the "stiffness" of the tulle, but today I am displaying the Pink Kaylee Starlett Tutu

The original was made for my cousin's 3 year old girl named Kaylee whom loves to play dress up I hear. I wanted to do something more so I added these dainty little shiny stars I found at Jo Ann fabrics awhile back and added to my embellishments collection. I finally put them to use and still have plenty more to embellish with. Im hoping to see some cute pictures of her in it. I love seeing stuff in actual use! Makes it all worth it.

Funny thing is that I originally made a tutu for Kaylee that was pink with white felt hearts sewed through out it. I had Zack drop the tutu off at my parents one morning when he dropped off the kids because they were going to see my aunt to give the tutu to her grandaughter, Kaylee. Later that day I ask my dad about the "purple bag." I get "What purple bag?." So it was a mystery for a few days what happened to the "purple bag."

A few days later I was at home and asked to watch my niece Amber. Her daddy drops her off and she comes prancing in my front door with jeans, a sweater and the PINK TUTU with WHITE FELT HEARTS! it was hysterical, and my BIL Steve is like "what, dont look at me, I know nothing." Apparently, Zack dropped the bag off with NO explanation, My mom found it and thought it was for Amber to bring to daycare, so she dropped her off at daycare with it. My sister, Katie, picked Amber up from daycare wearing it and assumed she got it from the obvious "tutu maker" of the family.

Needless to say I could not ask a little girl to give her tutu back!!! So I whipped up another one, and me always liking to make things different than the others decided to use the stars, and I love it, even more so than the hearts!

In honor of this hysterical story, I am working on a tutorial to share with all of you on the no-sew Tutu! Hopefully I can get it together by next week, so look out for it. I owe everyone something fun to make as I have enjoyed so many of all your tutorials :)

Happy Monday


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Projects

Zack this morning left to work on his parents bathroom makeover, so I decided to steal the idea from Susan's Colorful Life to do a project with Camryn after Jacoby went for his nap. She loves doing projects, so I thought it would be much more rewarding crafting with her this morning than by myself still trying to master my ruffles. Our garland banner didn't turn out as perfect as the ladies fromm Susan's, but take into consideration that the items were found sper of the moment thru out the house and my 4 year old had the driver seat of the project most of the time :)))))

We decided to make Grandma a St. Patricks Day present (early) so she can add it to her holiday decoration collection for St. Patrick's Day. She has decorations for every holiday from Easter, 4th of July and even president's day. We figured we'd make this one for Grandma because she loooovvvvves Irish day!!!!! And decided the next banner we make will be for "Mammi" (other grandma, just called Mammi), for Easter, since Camryn had such a good time creating this banner masterpiece. We still plan on putting one together for our house too later, but its such a nice day for once around here (50 degrees and sunny) Its been awhile, so Camryn is getting some fresh air.

We found construction paper, all different kinds of green markers, paints, felt, stamps, stickers etc. And a pair of Zack's old boxers. Don't worry they were washed and clean, its not like I took them out of the dirty laundry basket!!! Plus it was the only shamrock type of fabric I could find worthy of cutting up. She did most of the decorating and cutting and I did most of the glueing. I tried to leave most of it up to her, but I strung it all together afterward.

Ta Dah!!!! I think its adorable and so homey because she put so much effort in it.

ANd the after math, I didnt want to leave that out!!!!

* Thanks Susan for the inspiration for a great Saturday morning project with my little girl this moring!