Friday, February 26, 2010

What does your Dove say to you?

So I am an addict, of chocolate that is (and Diet Coke, and fabric, and photos). Is that so wrong???

Sometimes when I am working I think my poor body, how does it know how to live off only chocolate? So today I got the chocolate munchie again, happens quite often. So I ran to CVS and picked up a package of Dove Chocolates. No, not just one simple piece or even bar of chocolate can satisfy me, I need a whole "dang" bag! So opening up about my 5th one, I finally decide to read what the wrapper said, "smile, you're eating chocolate." So I tried to smile even though I am miserable sitting at my desk thinking about the fun daddy is having at home with the kids today, but then I thought, I should have a smile on 24/7 for all the chocolate I eat :) Now there's a happy thought!

Here are some my happy thoughts rummaging through some saved photos:

~Cobeman getting the Mail

~Camryn Cutting out pictures from the Newspaper on Sunday morning with daddy

~Cam giving Jacoby a squeeze, pretending to be a nice sister ;)

~And Cam saying goodnight to Daddy who was gone on business to NY last week, she's laying on the sorta butterfly pillow she requested I make her with heart prints. She has lovely taste hehe.
And Jacoby brushing his "own" teeth, always so cute.Have a nice weekend all, and eat some Chocolate!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Safari Safari, Giraffs :)

I finally made use of this Safari fabric I've been hanging onto and adoring for months!

I finally had an image and followed through, and so here is Camryn modeling the new giraffy fabric by Alexander Henry Dressy, I just adore. The flower is detachable, it was going to be permantly attached but Zack said he liked it better with out and I really wanted to add something more frilly to the fun designer fabric but plainer dress style. So there is with matching headband and all!

Camryn isn't up for modeling much these days, I usually have to snap 100 pictures and hope for the best as she rolls her eyes and makes goo goo faces at me and is like mommy no more pictures! But when I dont take pictures of her she asks me to take her picture. Oh how the world will never understand us women but us :)

The dress is fully lined and zipper, I was so excited for my new sewing adventure and loved it turned out good. HollieKs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Mini Me

Good morning and happy weekend to everyone! So an old friend and neighbor I grew up left a comment on my facebook picture of Camryn in the pink Kimono with her arm up saying wow she's a mini Krissy! It felt so nice, because when I gave birth to her she came out the spitting image of Daddy. And all us moms know, all that work and she looks like Daddy :) Thank goodness Daddy is cute!!!! Now pictures of Jacoby are spitting images of Daddy too as he gets older, but Camryn as she grows older, particular pictures of her look like Mommy, and I get to say wow she is my daughter.

Although I should have known anyway by her lovely temper, for instance this morning she is yelling "mommy come here, I need you (all frustrated mind you)" I say "ok Camryn what do you need?" she yells back "I just need you, come here!!!" and I say back " Camryn please tell me what you are doing and I'd be happy to come over and help you" and she yells back "no, not until you come here", finally I yell back "well not until you tell me what your doing." I instantly laughed thinking oh my, is she my daughter, that stubborn trait comes straight from mommy. Her sense of style and crazy color ideas are true to me too, I always loved bright, frilly, fun and girly colors and stuff. (still do, im just an adult now, tear tear) So she is my true daughter through and through! Here is another picture of her dancing around the 12 dancing princess or something alike, with a.ka. Gooey, her cousin Amber, also running around in one of the Kimono Kyoko tops I made her and a princess cape :)

Here is the next Kyoko Kimono top made in 2T, I can't get enough of them and I just had my friend Laura pick up some other great fabrics to make some with yesterday! When Zack gets home from his too long of a business trip tomorrow, he'll be in charge and I'll be sewing hopefully.

I did not want to forget the cobeman this weekend either, so here's a quick "drooly" picture of him. He is always full of smiles.

He sat on my lap this morning while I was reading about Layla Grace getting tons of kisses and squeezes as I read along and that truly touched my heart and could not let go without mention this morning. Her mom of Momi Boutique has shared so much of a life battling journey of her loving, sweet, and treasurable little girl. To read and support to send prayers and thoughts, please see here or by clicking on her picture. It is a truly beautiful and heart warming family, that is now in my prayers and thoughts as well as many others.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New Love for Kimonos

Here they are,
My newest creation attempt with the super fun Kyoko Pattern by ModKid Boutiques. I saw the pattern pictures and fell in love. And I fell even more in love with it once I made my first Kyoko top. The idea is so cute on little girls, and the ability to use so many color combinations leaves creating these completely fantastic and motivating. I opened up the pattern and Zack was there, looked at me and laughed, no faith whatsoever. But then I made the first one and we both just steared at the Kimono like top for 10 minutes straight in awe that I made it and it was so "dang" cute!
All of the patterns from ModKid Boutque are enticing, and I decided to try one of the more complicating looking ones. I love challenges and since its my first real pattern (I tend to wing creating things on my own) I decided to step up my game and go for it! I am so glad I did too. Its now brought ideas for Asian inspired bday parties for the girls, I can just see it now. 10 little girls running around in Kimonos, slippers, chopsticks in their hair and kneeling on pillows having tea and whatnot. Maybe Camryn will pick Mulan as her favorite princess by her next bday party, hmmm, i know its a long time away, but definitely think its a unique and fun themed bday party idea now. Gotta love Kimonos!
Soon once I put some more together I'll be putting them up in my Etsy Shop.
Plus I need to take some decent pictures, again I need to go out and get a new camera!!!!! My phone isn't doing justice :) but my new craft desk is definitely paying off.
Thanks for all your nice thoughts in my previous post, I really really appreciated them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Happy Valentine's Day, but Sorrowful Loss

Happy Monday everyone, I give my sad news first and then leave on a happy note. Not all is left to be sad, because the one lost was a dear and incredible loving uncle. Uncle Tim was a sweet sweet man, had his cute quirks like most men do, but incredibly endearing, loving, giving, and thoughtful. He always took an interest in my well being throughout the years, which is why I hold him so dear to my heart.

"In Memory of Timothy Ferris"

We lost him Friday morning, February 12th, at 2:20 am after battling cancer for only as what we all knew to be 5 months. I am going to share some family pics we took this summer on an extended family vacation, that we are all so thrilled we were able to do and never thought at the time Uncle Tim would not be with us the following Summer.

Above, my parents with Uncle Time and Auntie Stephanie (the never go anywhere without eachother duo couple)

Above Uncle Time with latest Grandaughter, Eden.

Above, Uncle Tim ready to play with Camryn and Madeline in ocean.

Above, Tim and Stephanie, Tim's love.

Above, some of his immediate family, Eric and Dawn with kids, Jack, Eden and Madeline.

Thanks for readying, now for the Happy side of Valentine's Day Weekend:

Yesterday Grace my niece was over and so we managed to make some V'day cupcakes, I am definetly no baker, all that know me knows this. Love to cook, but hate to bake. But I know its fun to do with the kids and they love it and had a good time. That's all that matters! But now we have about 50 cupcakes no one is going to eat!

Next, My surprise! Zack must have been taking note lately with me complaining on having no where to put all my crafting stuff and how much I want my own space to sew and stuff. (funny thing is I got him a picture for his someday future "man room", see we're perfect for eachother)

Voila! he took me to Ikea to pick up some items to build me my desk and accessories. It is still a work in progress, as I will be decorating my corner with some other cute stuff, maybe like a new lamp shade, reopulstering the chair and other little niknak items. But I was very excited! We spent last night after the kids went to bed fixing it up and putting it together. (I knew I married him for a reason :) )

We went home after Ikea and made a delicious filet mignon candle lit dinner. Cam hung out for awhile as Jacoby was tucked nicely in his crib snoozin'.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as we did, for the most part, and again Thanks to Jen at MimiBellaBoo for her I said yes party and this great collage!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed in, enjoy some cool but cozy etsyfinds!

Welcome to a snow day filled with EtsyMom finds to fulfill this cool snowfilled day, hope everyone is staying warm. If not here are a few things to help!

Snowflake coasters at AngelEllie's shop. They have a very old time classic feel to me and make a great winter accessory for your desk or coffee table! ANd only $4 :) 2.
A Paige Princess Snowflake dress, very prim, beautiful and delightful! I found this dress at TinkerellasCreations. They have many unique and cute creations from disney inspired princesses as well.

Always need some clippies! These are at MasterpieceForFunArt and only $2

Ahhhhh, to go along with those snowflake coasters is this classic knit coozie in blue tones. I can picture this being a nice accessory to use sitting by the fired sipping my hot chocolate today! Also only $5 at DesignByCarrie that also has a Buy one get one half off promotion going.

Comfy slippers, and cute! Here at BlueFishHandmade

6. And to dress up your cozy home look a bit, add this Icy Blue Earrings that are on sale for $18 from $25 at
signature sterling
Enjoy, and if you happen to spot something else to go along with these finds, please share!

I Said Yes! Blog Party

For the I Said Yes! Blog Party.....

So its almost Valentine's Day and Jen at MimiBellaBoo had a wonderful idea of sharing our proposal/love stories. Her button on my side bar will take you over to her blog for this blog party event also if interested.
To keep a long story short, group up in the same neighborhood, nevermind city. He was 2 grades ahead of me (I always thought he was soooo cute) and throughout elementary school he never even probably knew who I was. Once I reached high school, I seeked him out ;)

We ended up dating throughout high school and became high school sweethearts that soon broke up here and there through out college. We finally broke up for what I final break up was going to be when he graduated college. He eventually moved to Cali, and I stayed in Boston after I graduated for awhile. We never ever lost touch, always stayed friends, calling and sending cards and so forth, all along we had other relationships.

I a year or so after college didnt like my job, broke up with my then live in boyfriend and moved back home. He that same year moved home from Cali. Coincidental, or Ironic, but all in the end was meant to be. We started hanging out, going out to dinner, making dinner together and before we knew it we were exclusive again. That year I moved home I didn't have a career set yet so decided to go back packing across Europe with when of my best friends, (remember the girl in the picture with a tutu on her head, thats her). Zack was not too keen on me leaving for a month as our relationship was somewhat in "bloom," but I had always wanted to go to Europe and it was a great time in my life to go for it.

We first arrived in Rome, right after the pope died, coincidental, definitely! Our next stop was Greece where one my childhood best friends was living at the time so we visited. I had always since I was in kindergarden with her wanted to experience Greece with her, and it was my perfect opportunity, until..... I so called thought I had the flu! Turned out after taking a greek pregnancy test, Camryn was to be born in about 7-8 months. I flew home right away. Although scared, surprised and tired and sick, we and our families were very excited even though we weren't married. Everyone knew we were meant to be, and apparently this was to sign our deal, a cute baby girl.

Now to the proposal. One weekend morning while I was pregnant he blind folded me and took me for a car ride (it was obvious to me what was going on) but I let him play his game as he had put some thought into it. He walked me out of the car about 200 feet away, up a hill and hitting a few branches. Once there he took the blind fold off and kneeled down with the ring, tried to say how much he loved me and all that goop and then asked me to marry him! I of course said yes, hugged, kissed and then he explained his motive for place but I already knew. He took me to my parents backyard in the back wood area where we use to cut through to walk eachother home at night when we were in high school. It was also the location to wear he first said "I love You. " I can always count on him to be sweet and romantic, but not too mushy, because i dont like that lol! This a picture of the location...

From then on, things have only moved forward and we still talk about and think about what our future holds together (for instance when Jacoby was born seen in the pic below). I found the love of my life at 14!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone and I hope you enjoyed my story!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Colored EtsyMom Finds! Tampon Wallet???

Yesterday evening, me and Camryn had our Dentist "cleaning" appointment. Its always cute to see her sitting in that chair, she is so easy going with it but gets so tense at the same time when they put anything in her mouth. Here's a picture of her there (zack notified me that she looks like she has a pregnant belly in the picture haha, I didnt notice until he pointed it out, and obviously she does not have a prego belly!) My Cobeman is sick though he had a 101 fever last night and looks pittiful. He hasn't had a fever yet today, Im hoping we don't need a dr.'s visit.

Moving on, here are some great finds I loved found from EtsyMoms (great wallet and bags today!):

1. I've been in need of new wallet for awhile, i've worn my Vera wallet quite thin! Here's a Shirt and Tie wallet from DaniellesBag Shop

2. Pretty Pink purse, by PriddyCreations Shop Sure is pretty!

3. Here's a great find for a Valentine's gift for your little girl, A litte Cupcake tote for 8.95! At Mimi'sBabies

4. Anyone need a Tampon Wallet, check it out! Check out more of her Incognito Wallets at AbbyChase Designs

5. Lastly, but not leastly something thats on my purchase list!!!! This clutch purse is soooo me~

Don't get it before me at Cathy's Totes whom is also a Mass. native :)

Have a great day all, and come back soon.