Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow Day of the year

The wreath I made for my front door for the holidays above

Home from work with the kids for the first snow day of the year. So far so good besides Jacoby refuses to nap and he's very very cranky. We're on our 3rd Strawberry Shortcake movie, made lunch, made brownies, have bread cooking in the bread machine and a nice festive candle lit making it so homey and comfy for a great snowy day home. Took out some chicken to make a good yummy meal later and hoping to go out for a drive to see christmas lights in the area :)

I ended up bringing some merchandise down to a local gift shop which had they're grand opening this past weekend. I was told they already sold one of my ornamental holiday wreaths. This is such a great opportunity for me and it feels good to have some good news for once. We've had a few family members and close friends of the family diagnosed with cancer recently which has left that a touchy subject. As well Zack's Godfather passed away this weekend also who was still only in his 50's. Any good news is great and the new shop venue is wonderful. Etsy sometimes seems to be particularly slow certain times of the year especially depending on what you sell. I've been searching for ways to make my etsy shop stand out more and become more viewed, but there's only so much you can do for free!

Anyone else having a wonderful snow day as well??? the only thing we're missing is being able to go out and make a snowman because it started sleeting.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Beginnings of Busy time of Year

MOLLY ANN 8.6 lbs 22" long 11-29-09
Over the passed week I've decorated, celebrated Thanksgiving, my 10 year high school reunion, my daughters 4th Bday (weep weep), one my best friend's new baby Molly born the 29th (congrats Kelli and Rob!) and was contacted by a nearby shop interested in carrying some of my work. Its been busy but exciting all within a weeks time. This doesn't include all of lifes other crazy and wonderful demanding needs and activities :)

Funny how much can happen within a small amount of time and how little can happen over a span of time. I've decorated the rest of the house. We brought Camryn out to the American Girl Store near Boston to shop for her actual Birthday, did I mention how crazy that store is! But I loved it, although my husband Zack said that would be his one and only time going haha. Jacoby has a very runny and yucky nose but I am hoping thats as far as it goes. Poor little guy, he's too cute and sweet to be sick :)

I am hoping to make my way over to the shop this week on my free day if all works out well and hoping this for a good opportunity for another selling venue on top of Etsy. I will post the outcome of what happens with that.

Slowly but surely things are coming along and one more month of 2009, crazy! I'll be hoping for a positive 2010 to all those moms working as hard as I am to raise their family and make a living and enjoy it all at the same time!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CandyLand Tree Up

Finally got some pictures available of our CandyLand Christmas tree that has a fabulous spot in our dining room. Next week our traditional tree will be set up, can't wait :)

Camryn Helping decorate below...

The set up for Camryn's Barbie Tea Party, and Jacoby waiting for everyone to show up, isn't he precious :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to make the green beans? I was trying to find a fun way to make green beans for Thanksgiving as that is my given task for Thursday. I found garlicky, lemony, nutty, oniony, all types and not sure which to go with. I already decided against the casserole.

I had Camryn's Barbie tea Party birthday party this passed weekend which turned out very cute, and I got our CandyLand themed tree up. I just haven't found any extra time to download any pictures of it all to post yet. Soon enough I will because the tree came out great and was well liked all around and the party was a hit besides the one little girl crying because she was first out playing musical chairs. Cute but dramatic :)

Camryn got tons of unnecessary toys, cute clothes and pajamas I was thankful for b/c they weren't toys! She got her American Doll and loves it, taking care of her, dressing her often and sleeping with her. She also named her Dakota which I thought was fantastically cute, considering she likes to give dolls names like Flower and Leaf.

Well back to finding my perfect green bean dish! Zack's making a sweet potato pie, i'd like to out do him with my dish, we'll see ;)

Have a great and filling holiday!
Oh and craft night tonight while watching 4 Christmas's! Love when the hubby's go out so us wives can get our girly craft on and gossip in :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saw some super fabulous stuff at The Couture Baby and looks like their having a great giveaway, check it out here.

Marissa of The Couture Baby generously offered an embroidered onesie or t-shirt (only short sleeves) up to size 4t for one winner! You may choose the embroidery! This fantastic prize has a value of $24.99!
Further you will get a 10% discount on any purchase plus a free gift for MOM!
(put code WHIMSY10 into checkout and Marissa will refund you the discount!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here was my morning, Camryn refusing to smile and wearing her seat belt, oh so correctly. and Jacoby's typical Bub in the mouth.

Then the drop off, bye guys see you after another excruciating boring day at work while you drive Mammy crazy!
Oh how I miss my kids during the day, thankfully I'll be home with them tomorrow thru Sunday so happy about that.
I started making Camry a new skirt last night. I found this super cute corderoy fabric at the store yesterday and decided to bring it home to play with. A very good idea and glad I did! I will post pictures once its done :)
I was thinking if these come out cute I will def. be adding them as an Etsy item in my shop so stay tuned for them. Did I ever mention I love kids clothing hehe!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just another day in Paradise

"The kids screaming, phone ringing"

"Got a half hour, quick shower"

"Then we'll tippy toe to our room

Make a little love that's overdue

But somebody had a bad dream

Mama and daddy
Can me and my teddy
Come in to sleep in between?

Yeah it's ok. It's so nice.

It's just another day in paradise.

Well, there's no place thatI'd rather be

Well, it's two hearts

And one dream

I wouldn't trade it for anything

And I ask the lord every night

For just another day in paradise"

Have you ever turned on the radio in your car and was like, wow, this was made for me! I do it all the time. Today it was Phil Vassar's Just Another Day in Paradise.

Driving to work after dropping off the kids, one crawling up my leg as I drop him off and the other screaming to refuse to eat breakfast, after leaving the house to my husband running out the door leaving the house a mess and asking him to clean up after himself. Driving to Hartford this morning actually pleasant as I sat back and realized no matter how crazy my days may be "EVERYDAY" I absolutely love my life and wouldn't change one thing... (maybe just the working full time factor, in change to make what I love in my free time).

Plus i am feeling super sentimental today that almost every song I hear today brings me back in time to something special. I am completely enthrawled with my country music today, tomorrow maybe it will be my Hip Hop day, or Old school rock, but today its country!

Monday, November 16, 2009

CandyLand Tree time coming~

I got my sons Christmas outfit together this weekend, so the pictures will be taken soon, I just need to make my daughter's dress to go with it. I also have her birthday party this upcoming weekend which I am setting up our house as a Barbie themed Tea party for her and all her little friends. They'll all be dressed up, decorating cookies, and sipping on lemonade with a great big Candy Land themed Christmas tree in front of them!

Hubby says its way too early to put up any christmas decor but I figured since I am not throwing any parties at my house after Camryn's birthday party I should put at least one of my trees up. (yes I'll be putting up two great big trees this year and I am so excited to decorate them and the rest of the house). I have a ton of candy land themed xmas decor i picked up up for it at the end of the season last year, Cam is very excited to get it up as well. Poor Jacoby will probably try to tear the thing down this year still! But he'll certainly love all the fun characters and bright ornaments that will decorate this tree.

I figure why not put up the fun themed tree, the other tree is our traditional tree which will probably go up thanksgiving weekend or my birthday weekend the usual. I will definitely be posting pictures my trees once they are up.

It probably would have been more ideal to put it up say if Camryn picked a Candy Land themed bday party or I picked a Barbie themed tree but Owell maybe we can coordinate that next year!

In the mean time I made a new holiday dress , this one is all red tulle with a silk white and green striped lining. I just love these pooffy things!

Oh and Camryn spotted her crush again this weekend at her soccer games, boy was she thrilled!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My little girl has a crush!

My almost 4 yr old daughter has a major crush on a boy in her class. I think it is absolutely hilarious and cute, but at what age is it normal to start developing crushes!

I remember my 1st crush was in kindergarten so I guess she's not too far from me considering I never went to preschool and my first social class environment was Kindergarten. (no thats not a picture of me and my 1st crush, just saw the pic and thought it was oh so cute, and reminds me of all the blondes in my life)

So anyway she always says she likes his "shirts", he's nice, so I ask "do you think he's cute" and she's says yes and blushes. I laugh.

Then a few weekends ago we were at her soccer game and she spots this boy across the field, as apparently she was going to be playing against him that day. Needless to say he was the only thing she paid attention to on the field that day.

Next, I go and pick her up at school yesterday and she runs back in the class to give this "young man" a hug (he smiled and blushed), then she ran out and we left.

This morning, I go in her room, wake her up to get her ready for school and she starts opening her eyes all groggy and faintly says "Where's Adam?" and I was like huh and started laughing and she got all embarrassed.

I tell daddy the latest news on her crush this morning and he's like oh dear its starting! I told him well at least her crush is on a nice cute kid! :)

Oh to be young again, the things I would do and change. I am very thankful for have a "girl's night" tonight with my Fab 5. I can reminisce and share this sweet story that they'll all get a kick out of.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snow Princess Design

***** My newest and next favorite dress next to the burberry ribbon dress....

Take a look here for the listing and let me know what you think.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah! its the weekend

Firstly Thank you to Jen at MiaBellaBoos as she gave me another great Greeting Card Designer at that also is one Etsy. I already have a 2 favorites and have gotten deeper in the whole on deciding on what my family's holiday greetings will be this year. And they're also having a great giveaway that ends this Monday so check it out soon.

When I finally make my decision and order and receive, I'll definitely be posting it here for all to see!

So last night I got in the works of 2 new tutu dresses that so far are coming out adorable. One is blue and white that will have some white faux fur trim and another one with more traditional colors. I'll post those when they're ready!
I bought a bunch of new fabrics of all sorts the other day, hoping to make more assortments of clothing styles. I get so inspired by all the great things I see other people create! My taste for myself isn't as frilly as tutus and galore as the things I create but I have so much fun making these things and my mind gets filled with ideas - but then is left with little time to fulfill them all. Most people will sayI've always been the one with fun and cute ideas, if they see something with ruffles, dolly, puffy etc, they say oh that's so Krissy. Which is funny because we all have our own styles in that sense, and I say the same about all my friends too, the hippy chic one, the preppy one, the conservative one, the sexy one etc. They all have their niche for style. Again, I'm the cutesy one :) , so i make lots of cute things for girls. It's like I can live vicariously through my daughter by making her these cute outfits and so forth (I am still trying to think of what I can make for boys though because of my son).

And did I say living vicariously, my daughter's birthday is coming up on Nov. 30th and I talked my husband into us buying her an American Doll. Granted she wanted one, but I did too! haha.

I've always made things though, whenever I've felt creative which is often I'd figure out something to make for someone that they would enjoy. When my niece and daughter were younger I made them their stepping stools and personalized them by painting them super "cute". I was like this from the get go, when I was little I'd take pieces of my mom's fabric scraps and sew pillows and what nots. This is all just my nature, and now with so many online possibilities and whatever else you make for yourself to do gives so much opportunity.

Unfortunately until I can quit this full time "gig" :) I am stuck with limited time to fulfill my creative ideas.

Lastly I finally made some Courtney Courtney purchases the other day! I am super excited about because I've been waiting to get a dress for my 2 nieces and daughter. These are the 2 I purchased, I love her designs.

If you want to see my son modeling on Etsy, check out here

He's so cute and modeling's my friends personalized onesie!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Greetings time 2009...

I can't believe I already need to start thinking about Christmas cards to send out! I have not taken the ideal picture yet though that I want to put on the crafty card.

Last year I got a slue of compliments on the ones I made from VistaPrint, but this year I've been looking around and finding different sources to help me out with a unique Holiday Greeting this year to up my anty.

One I found at which is actually hosting a contest to give away 30 holiday greeting cards! Now that would be great time and cost saver right there!

Their site is, so far my pick is a toss up between the Squire and Larke.

Another great source a friend told me she got hers already this year is from an Etsy shop called Kottage on 5th at

She creates the JPEG image for you for $15.00 and then you can print or print elsewhere the amazing images at your convenience! Here are a few I sought out and loved:

Happy Greeting card hunting everyone! *******************************

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I haven't blogged in a month! woops!

It's been a month! I completely let the blog fall behind as the rest of my hectic life has been going on. Soccer, Dance class, Preschool, Halloween, Cleaning, Family time, working full time still... and Yes Etsy orders!

I had a few sales over the passed month but I am needing more, and more time to build my items. I've begun sewing tutus as well as the tie style, both seems to give different features. The sewn tutus I have yet to be able to photograph, so I am hoping to add these listings by this weekend sometime.

Me and my boy Jacoby, the only lil' one in the fam who doesn't part take in the Tutu wearing. He's going to be our football player, so Daddy Z thinks!

Here is my newest tutu dress creation which I love, as I was hunting for that Burberry style plaid ribbon. I wanted to use it for everything I loved it so much, but 3 yards only went so far. If customers tend to like it I'll be ordering some more :)

She's was getting a tab bit silly

My plan is to update soon, if everyone's schedules let me. Luckily tonight kiddies were in bed early and hubby went out to watch the game. Time for just me and I love it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another busy weekend

All went well this weekend. I got all the items done I set out to accomplish. One was the Irish tutu was mailed out. My Pink tutu sold and was mailed out, and I also finished the custom alchemy order of a tutu dress with headband, wand and matching doll tutu. Thankfully my husband was very appeasing by giving me a hand with the house upkeep and the kids. I told him I will be expecting it more often, especially if my wish comes true of my work being a hit!
The purple tutu dress I was able to add a lining to the inside of it which came out better than expected and now know it will be more comfortable for little ones to wear. This is something I haven't seen being done in other tutu shops so I am happy to be offerring it :)

Between all the work I did this weekend I managed to make it to my daughter's first 2 soccer games and keep my son out of the net during game time. We couldn't figure out why he kept running on the field during the game and finally it ended so we let him run off and he went straight to sit inside the goal net! For every kid his own huh :)

We made a family dinner too, my husband's idea and had both sets of parents over, which turned out good.

I am looking forward to next weekend because I made a date with my husband and kids to go pumpkin picking and the whole nine yards of fall activities, this is completely my favorite time of year!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunting for Burberry style ribbon

I woke up this morning with a super stuffy nose, headache, watery eyes, all the natural things to go along with your typical head cold. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for when at the fabric store yesterday so today I am trying to find some good places to shop for supplies and whatnot. I list some once I find some. One is They have good tulle there that I found for a great price with a good assortment of colors. They have some good ribbon to pick from too, lots of your standards in all sizes at a good price too. Recently I've been into the polka dots and really want to do another Minnie Mouse inspired Tutu dress. I found some regular cotton fabric designs that I'd love to try.
I also saw this Burberry style ribbon that gave me another inspiration for a tutu dress I just can't remember which online source I saw it and am trying to find it again desperately since I didnt find it yesterday at the fabric store!
So I do a google search on burberry plaid ribbon and nothing comes up for just a roll of ribbon. Only purses, belts, watches, and dog collars pop up. So I will be back tracking my previous online viewing sites to find it again, which seems so ridiculous I didnt save it in the first place.
I finished the Irish tutu last night and came out very cute and I am dying to see my daughter try it on to fix anything final flaws it has. What i really need is a mini dress mannequin, for a daily basis, which may be my next investment if I can find a good price on one.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weeks half over, little time, lots of motivation

Today I am going to be going to this fabric shop that has tons of different stuff, so I am super excited to get some great finds. My only problem is I hope not to get lost in there so I can get my daughter to dance class on time! :)
Last night I finished working on a custom tutu made for an super Irish fan. It was made as a double layered tutu, orange/green on the bottom, and white on the top with lots of coordinating ribbons (I hope to find a few shamrock items to add to at the store today while I am there) that has made it look wonderfully Irishful and festive. My only problem is I need a way to get pictures on here for all to see soon.
This weekend though I will be busy getting some new creations done because I have a showcase on Etsy next Weds. that hopefully will bring more traffic around. So I need to increase my item listings.

My friend Laura and I are in full swing on planning out craft fair plan aswell. We've been fishing around for a nice one to start with but not one that may be overwhelming for the first time. The Old Deerfield Craft Fair and CastleBerry Craft fair are our aspirations but we need to look for smaller for the first, maybe we can organized for those in the months to come.

I saw this fabric today too while fishing around online and loved it and I am looking for find something or someone to make me something from it. I saw the Vespa's and fell in love with it instantly! See pic above.

Have a great afternoon :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Boost of Confidence

So my ideas were flowing this past weekend and after having a rough week last week with guilt being away from my kids all day long all week long I started reading this book my mom passed along to me. (we have the same creative mind and passion to move foward with our ideas).

The book really gave me a boost and perspective of things I need to look into and start doing to help my success:

1. Somehow patton a name asap (we'll see how soon that comes along, as $$$ is involved)

2. I have already started a pretty lenghty business plan, so that was good (my college degree came in hand with that one since I'd did plenty of them throughout my college days).

3. I need my products to have a niche, something more unique about them on why they are different from the rest of the market. The niche was created for the shop idea, just not my products yet, and I'd certainly hate to just be a plain old copy cat! So I have been brainstorming that one and have a few ideas that will need some practice first.

4. Don't be bashful or ashamed of what you are doing. I am a very modest person and hates to brag about what I love (besides my awesome kids!), so practiced that already by trying to be more confident when my friends and family asked about my venture this passed weekend.

So I gained all this insight just from a reading the beginning of this book while driving home from my 9 to 5 while carpooling with my brother inlaw.

So then I didn't have much time to work on any products this weekend between showers, kids, cleaning, kids, cooking, kids, husband lol, kids, rest, kids, ahhh and its Monday again! But I was able to keep up with online correspondence and was asked to by a few people to create tutus for gifts, which got my creative juices flowing.

1. a tutu for a "scary" ballerina - will be my first real black tutu

2. a special tutu for a birthday girl who's family is very into their Irish heritage, which I actually began last night while trying to appease my husband by watching a movie with him at the same time.

3. a purple tutu dress for a possible etsy sale I am looking forward to

4. There was one request I seen too for a tutu design needed for a marathon runner, which I thought would be super exciting to make and it to be seen by all the runners and spectators, so I made a bid and am hoping for the best :)

Some more confidence came from my husband telling me he'd take the kids out one night this week leaving me with the free time to actually get some good work done. That is a long cry from him before being upset with the money I have spent so far to get things going, so that helped!

And again all I want is to do things I love, one see my kids grow up first hand and be apart of it and make things I love for great people in my life and others.

I see this by opening a cute boutique with my friend Laura whom should be having kids soon and will be in the same predicament. Have the ability to work and create on our own time/working time within the shop, have my little "cobeman" (Jacoby) running around where he pleases in there under my supervision :) while I can come and go to bring my "monster" (Camryn) to school, dancing, soccer etc whenever she needs to or be home when they're sick like Camryn is today who is at home being nursed by Grandma and not me :(.

In end today, I've convinced myself and Laura to register for our first craft fair! We'll see which one we pick and where it goes from there :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

To start a business

Forever now I've been stuck working in Corporate America. I constantly tell myself and others if I only new better and had more confidence to succeed in what I enjoy doing when I was in my teens I probably wouldn't be working in what I call the obvious main stream market for college graduates. Then I was looking for a safety route, and recently I began to realize I am still young enough to take a leap of faith :)

My journey began with a long time friend of mine when we conspired and brainstormed about opening a little boutique to carry specialty children's items from apparel, accessories, and shoes and we would also be able to create and sell our own creations for under our own line as well. Since we've begun a business plan and the whole nine yards, but are still left short of time and money to put it into action. Since then we've opened our own etsy shops to start to work on our own lines and creations.

I love being creative and making special personable things for the people in my life, but I have so many ideas and only so many people to plenish them with. So when I found Etsy I thought it would be a perfect place to start. And I am still looking for some great ideas to get this boutique in gear and or get these online sales in gear!