Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy week and no keys!

Its been about a week and I've been busy running around here and there and making this and that.
Friday we drove my sister to Boston to catch a flight to Las Vegas - slightly jealous - so me and Z stayed overnight at his Brothers to get a little party time in. Unfortunately do to party time Friday night - away from the kids - I didnt make it to the Sox game until the 4th inning! But I made it, and I was super glad not to make it until then since the weather was FRIGIDDDD - ummm my brother in law's girlfriend made him buy her a Sox sweatshirt because she went with a very light shirt and coat, boat shoes with no socks. CRAZYYY. I had 4 layers on and still freezing!

We then drove home from Boston to pick up the rascals and we all mellowed out watching tv the rest of the night - I think Jacoby made us watch Dumbo :)

Sunday we had Laura's son (which you can see at The Fab 5 Turns 30 blog) Keaton's baptism. I was the photographer - and my luck made the camera not work during Baptism time at the church, good thing I was able to get the shots of the kids at the bar at the after party instead hehe. (all non-alcoholic drinks going round there)

I somehow managed to finish Camryn's outfit for the Easter Egg Hunt at the park this Saturday morning coming up, last on the list is my niece's purses for Easter, until next week at least.

See the pants above Camryn has on - Jacoby had some weird come over him today, because I had a yelp call down from the balcony this afternoon when my cousin was over with her kids for play date: Jacoby put my pants in the toilet and is now getting it all over the hall way!!!!

My thoughts were ohhh no, so at least the toilet was flushed before he put them in there and I could mop up the floor and put the pants in the wash. Really though, he has never put anything in the toilet like that before. Poor guy then got a time out :(

Here's Camryn's new haircut I've been meaning to share, the hair cut she thinks is like the AMerican Girl doll Kit, but we kept it no shorter than the shoulders and she was still very happy.

Mine and Camryn's foot - can you guess who's is who's - if you go to previous WIWW posts you may get a good idea :)

 I was very proud of this hat, i've been scared to try to make a hat, but I think it came out marvelous - yet Cam likes to wear it on the floral side and the intention was to wear it on the baige sparkly side.
 Here I am - not necessarily todays outfit, because I was stranded at home due to leaving my keys at the Bro-in-laws Saturday - yup! Silly, woops, so and in the past I already lost my spare key to my car, so Im waiting until Friday to get them back. (today its Yoga pants and tee) The other day I went with these less flattering jeans from GAP, a tank, and the White light shirt bought from Target recently. The headband I wish you could see better because its my favorite from Anthropology. Its gold and sparkly- so pretty!

If the weather was being nice - Id love to sport some short cut offs and chunky sandals like Nicole's!

Camryn's pick from the Fancy Nancy party yesterday hosted at the library.... she was walking the runway.... balancing a banana....

 And this was my boy today - the boy who threw his sister's pants in the toilet! We working on potty training... only a few minor accidents.  He also refused to put on any clothes today too - Lets just say it was one of those days with him :D

 And today's latest project - This Orient Love Hobo bag for a lovely lady in Florida!

Link up!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here I am!

Here I am, Its raining, its pouring, Momma wants to be snoring....

This is what I threw on today out of pitty for the rain and wanting pure comfort. I think I need to picture myself next time on a night out or something, I am always giving you my day outfit with the kids, which is rare to find me in something less drab. As you can see though I tried to sass it up a bit with a flower in the hair - but then retired it as I thought I looked ridiculous since its a white flower and Easter hasn't even hit yet :P

Sorry picture quality is horrible today, but
Heres my outfit:
Rainboots - zappos Hunters
Grey Leggings - I think Sears
Long Sleeved White Shirt - Victoria Secrets
Plaid Button Down - Old Navy
(minus the boots - probably about a $40 outfit)

The kids finally got their hair cut last night... Camryn too - dont have pictures yet though of them.  Camryn's been begging to get her hair cut the Kit, the American Girl Doll, but Z has been against it saying her hair is toooo beautiful to cut. I finally talked him into to it, getting Camryn to think her hair is as short as Kit's, but its actually a wee bit below her shoulders. She was so happy though. This morning she ran into school announcing to her teachers and friends she got a hair cut (as if they wouldn't notice). Im so happy for her though, because she's so excited. I remember when I was younger my parents hated to let me cut my hair too so I figured, why make her suffer like I did when I wanted was to try a cute bob hair cut at 5, but wasn't allowed.

Yes Zumba, my friend Jenn got Laura and I to a Zumba-thon last Friday, it was intense! I loved it and only craved more, despite how tired and achey I was after.  It was over an hour and a half of crazy routine dancing with tons and tons of women. I think having the tons of people there made it more intense, because no one cares how good or bad you are, but its encouraging to see others of all different ages and sizes all keeping up whether or not they got the routine down or not. This wasnt the one I was at, but looks similar... Ill try to get a pic or 2 once the photographer from the Zumbathon posts some... Maybe we'll play "where's Waldo" in them :)

I told Jenn and Laura I needed a "Zumba" outfit - which Z would laugh at me but I thought I could be better at it if I fit the part more. Isn't that always the case - anyway I just through some yoga's on, a tank, old sneaks (b/c im not a sneaker person, i have no good or new sneaks) and a hair bandana.

Hope your weather is better than here in the NorthEast today!



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Ideas and WIWW


Here I am... Its a sunny day. Jacoby and I went off to Terrific Two Story Time at the library and then took out a ton of movies, books and cds for the week. 

Long sleeve top - Gap
Long Tank thing - B. Republic
Necklace, Bangles and ring - B Republic - Cobes made me take off the jewelry during story time because it was making too much noise
Jeans - usual Skinny's the Meks from Nordstrums

Shoes - Khols and super comfy, so glad to go sockless today!

And we're off!

He loves to have "his" music in the car, which consists of Barney, Dora, Mickey, Pooh or any other kid music he picks out at the library for the week. Last week we were listening to Dora's Worldly adventure or something so we learned some new words in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and even some from Ghana - not too bad, I was singing them all week long!

It gave me a great idea though, Camrn's been into Paris lately, probably due to Z instilling it in her, see her room has Paris all over - so fun!

So my idea was, I took out at the library a bunch of kids french word books and french CD. I decided to try and teach ourselves some basics and hopefully master it down the road (anyone ever use Rosetta Stone?). Once we master it probably not years from now - we will venture off to Paris and enjoy all it has to offer together! I already started with Camryn a bit since Christmas, but not as much as would have liked to so far. I remember, ummm the library must have stuff! The library actually has everything which Z has been making fun of me for utilizing it so much! Hey its Fantastic and Free! Z knows french as much as I know Spanish - High School and College classes, can read it, yet can't hold a conversation.

Anyone else have any wonderful speaking skills?


PS to see more of my past week outfits, I've been trying to keep up... just check out past days posts

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'nother rainy Tuesday

After a sunny and warmer weekend, we've now headed to April showers this week.

The wellies are sure getting their work out this season so far!

Yesterday I had to bring Jacoby to doctors, yet again, from his fever all weekend - from the above picture of them you wouldn't be able to tell he had one since him and Camryn were running around pretending to go to the beach soaking of the sunny spot in the front window in their bathing suits.

I was just going to run to the doctors and the fabric store, then pick up Jacoby's antibiotic for his minor ear infection, so I through a sweater dress over my leggings and baggy long sleeved grey t-shirt. By the time Z got home from work I was wearing comfy grey sweatpants, the long sleeve grey T and comfy socks. He made fun of me for wearing all grey but I completely didnt care as I was soooo comfy in my warm house starting to bake my homemade "Sporky" pizza.

with some pre-made pizza dough, pizza sauce, provolone, sausage, ricotta, and mozzarella! It was soooo good, but I may have added way too much sausage as I was picking it off when I was on my 2nd and 3rd pieces!
My Sporky was good but it didn't beat the Bertucci's Sporky which is my favorite pizza there, such a classic.

Today, its still raining, yet I decided to give my Hunter's a break for the day, as I am feeling super lazy in baggy jeans, another long sleeved cotton T and my comfy brown UGGS, if I didnt have to work this afternoon I'd probably just throw my grey outfit on again, just kidding, maybe I'd do black this time :) And the hat, because flat hair, once again... eek!

Have a great Tuesday, and here are some of the bags I completed over the weekend!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Wonderland

Here's a good thought on a beautiful weekend after a typical Nor'Easter' snow storm in April on Friday. The weekend has been beautiful though! Z has taken the kids out to play, the movies, the park... yet Jacoby has had a fever on and off, so I had to put my foot down on him attending the park this morning with Camryn :(

Here is where I'd love to be.... I have this picture hanging in a bathroom in our house, along with the above star and saying. That boardwalk to the beach picture reminds me of easier carefree days back in college of this beach we some of us would skip class to go to during the week when Spring had Sprung. Never took much for us to skip class, but unfortunately sick kids can't be skipped out on and responsibility is now in my life. It sure is tempting though, to fill a cooler of beers, some snacks, some towels and just go relax, play some beach football and dabble our toes in the cool water and be tempted to run in. Then take a nap, wake with a tiniest of burns on the cheeks and drive back to campus for yet another relaxing evening of what we didnt know at the time as being relaxing and carefree.

Soon enough right.... I envy those who live minutes from the beach, it is somewhere I dream to own a home along one day... ahhhhhhhh so lovely :)

Im trying to get back into a little shape for beach weather, as I mentioned Zumba the other night. It went fantastic here, and then went to Jenn's for Zumba in her house Saturday morning while I brought Cam over to play with her daughter. They just loved laughing and pointing at us as we danced around but I've been feeling great and hope to keep it up this week too!

Here's my bag going into retirement, as soon as decide on whether or not the Spring bag I made for myself is worthy enough of carrying around everywhere all season long. This one was my baby, the bag everyone wanted, which I was completely surprised about, and now that it is in shambles people still swoon over it when I am out and about. I guess its just because its not your typical Coach or Vera Bradley bag you see everyone carrying around in this area of the US.

Hope Y'all had a great weekend, mine will be topped off with a Family BBQ dinner catered by Z tonight. His folks, mine, and my sister's Fam will be over to tear the house apart and eat some homemade burgers and pasta salad, and probably a few beers :)

In honor of our typical Saturday / Sunday mornings of watching Phin&Ferb, from Jacoby and Camryn.

 xoxo, Krissy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Told you Jacoby was Cuter Tuesday

I did mention yesterday on WIWW that Jacoby looked much cuter on Tuesday because we were out and about in the morning because Tuesday's I usually work.

Take a look at my handsome boy, I am just so in love * *

Ok moving on... So I decided over at my Fab 5 blog with my friends to entice them to try to spring clean their dressing styles after the winter rut... Yesterday after WIWW I was not thrilled how I looked in pictures so figured to get more incentive to try to look nice and in style on a daily basis instead of MOMMY WEAR!

Today my end result and after noticing picturing yourself makes a huge difference in what you see....

Again Jill's Cap - not feelin' my hair this week at all - shall I chop chop or just need to blonde it up with some highlights?

Cardi - Limited
Tank - Khol's
Jeans - Nordstums J Brand (which Im never giving back to my sister)
Trust ol' UGGS - Nordstrums
Scarf - H&M

my Cobeman this morning who had pink eye, but is clearing up today.... where do they get these things!
So I crave fashion on top of being a crafty mom, crafty mom's can have style right? I always remember the crafty mom's when I was young being very out dated... I dont want to be out-dated! even when my wrinkles take over :D
But all the crafty ladies I've met here all seem to be in style, Keep it up!!!!

Moving on....

Here's me thinking of how I am going to fit some fabulous ladies in my living room to do some Zumba tonight...

My friend decided to become a Zumba instructor on top of being a full time pediatric nurse and raising to little girls - she's nuts like me I guess :)
Tonight she's going to try some routines out on us so we can critique her... I am pretty excited since I haven't done Zumba in 2 years... (if you've followed in the past Z broke his arm one winter, which Kaboshed my Zumba classes because he needed my assistance with the kids at night - and then never got around to getting back to it)

Ill report back on how it goes...
Lastly, here's my latest Spring Bag... Its not ready for sales yet though, because I need to tweek some of the structure, size and sewing procedures for it.... but it seems to be like so far over on Facebook.      


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wedsnesday

I started my morning off in PJ pants, a warm up jacket, sneakers and a cap to bring Camryn to school. Then I came across all these ladies getting dressed this weds! So I have changed, although I am not satisfied with the look, but I through it together in seconds to get out of my PJ's! Jacoby decided to join me and brush his teeth in the mirror thats was already mangled by the kids prior admiration of them selves up close and personal to the mirror.... (Think Jacoby could be changed as well as he's in his comfy house clothes... he looked much cuter yesterday!)

Sweater - H&M
Bra top Tank - Khols
Wrinkled Skirt - Old Navy
Cotton RIbbed Tights - Gap
Hunter Boots - Zappos :)
Cap - to be seen below - borrowed from a friend :P

After that though I wasn't feeling the sweater, still felt FRUMPY... So I through on instead a Short Sleeved Polo Sweater probably from Marshalls... (I swear to have a better outfit next time!)

This is all I will be doing today though, besides running to the library to drop off some books and to the Parks and Rec's office to sign the kids up for the city Easter Egg Hunt (Cant wait!!)

So sitting in front of the sewing machine... in my poor dining room I've taken over since my basement work area was too cold through the winter...

Watching Jacoby from afar watch his shows, color and destroy the house...

All awhile taking in the aroma of my favorite Yankee Candle scent of the moment and creating fabulous handbags! Hoping to knock out my own for the spring today too!

Have a sassy and lovely Weds!