Monday, April 26, 2010

What Sewing Machine do you use???

I have a question to ask any sewing readers out there.

What type/brand sewing machine do you use??

I’ve been hunting and researching to find the best one. Does anyone have any recommendations?

So far I’ve checked out the Husqvarna Emerald Viking 183. I really liked it – its definitely a huge step up from my older Singer, but I’ve read so many mixed reviews online I’d distraught on what to do.

I contacted a Janome dealer and figured I’d check out those ones. I want a computerized model, but don’t need any embroidering.

I’ve read some good reviews on the Project Runway model from Brother which is less $$.

Help me out, plllleeeeeeeaaasssseeee. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

more Sex in the City shots!

From my previous post... here a few more of the girls struttin' down the street in their get up!

They were too adorable and funny and CHIC!

We were able to score a few sweet shots too of me and my babes:

Oh How I love them sooooo!

I even have more photos to post from that day.... maybe next week :)

Have a great weekend all - Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fancy Nancy meets Carrie Bradshaw

Yesterday Laura and I got some fantastic shots of the kids modeling for us! Mostly I should say my niece Gracie. She was a natural! Camryn was not into it much until later because she had to go “potty” and there was no where to go so she stood around miserable for a bit crossing her legs until my mom who tagged along for the day took her to pee outside near the car, REAL CLASSY, I know!!!!

Here are just a few of the natural Diva, Laura has a ton Im not going to be able to choose from for my LookBook, but I can’t wait to go through them and play around with them. Gracie’s Mommy, my sister, is away in Mexico this week so said she was in tears when I sent her these pics of her Gracie to look at and now can’t wait to get home to print and frame a bunch of them for the house. (I sooooo wish Camryn was playing along better, but I guess she was having an off day) We plan to do another photo shoot down in the near future again.
EVEN AMBER A.K.A. Gooey, was a bit helpful I'll try to find a suitable one of Cam to post even though she looks miserable in all of them :(

And now for one of my favorites….

Who could tell the difference in what Era these girls were from??? Were they on Sex in the City? (they sure could have been!) Struttin’ their stuff down the street and in Auntie Issy’s and Auntie Laura’s boots with tutus….

Man, did they put on a show for the crowds in NOHO yesterday, and we loved every second of it as we almost peed our pants trying to keep straight faces and played along.

This is why I say Fancy Nancy meets Carrie from Sex in the City!

If you'd like to see some more great shots from the shoot, stop by Laura's Blog at Life on Northwood. She should be posting some within the next day and she's got the super incredible photos too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All things YELLOW

This is going to be a random post, but I've decided I'm in love with YELLOW this Season! If I had the time and energy I'd totally revamp one of the rooms in my house to be blues, whites and yellows, yellow being the accent color for accessories and what not. I've seen so many fun yellow items and Laura from Life on Northwood recent find has made me jealous with envy on looking for stray "junk" found off the side of the road (all of which I'd love to paint YELLOW!). Unfortunately my hubby is not a fan of yellow, but I got him to paint my laundry room a pale yellow, which I yet been able to finish decorating.

First, I want a pair of YELLOW rain boots. I've been lusting and dying for a pair for a pair of these Celine's ($400+),

but would settle for the Hunters ($100+) ")

Or there's this pair for just $25 bucks! but I really want the other ones : P .

Second, I'd love a new yellow bag for the Summer... (I had one last year but its defintely worn out, I tend to wear my bags down to the ground when I get a new one)

This one seen at StyleBakery

I'd take this striped one on Vaca. next month! Its from BayAnHipp on Etsy.

Third, Things I'd totally rock! All from Etsy shops as well:
ORAWANP Can see this with my rainboots to go with!

This Mexicani Tunic from SPUNSHOP,
And this pleated skirt from PoorJean

Fourth, If I could switch my red savvy home to bright yellow for the Summer I would... HUGE fan of Yellow Accents, check out that distressed hutch with bright yellow dished, Im drooling!

Fifth, What I'd buy the fam for everyone gets something Yellow Day (which I may administer soon!)
The hubs , he loves fun tshirts! Its from DarkCyclesClothing Shop , it doesnt sound like the type of place he'd shop but I know he'd love the tshirt.

Cams, this fun tunic dress very classy I'd say - from Sweetie Pie Design

And Jacoby would get this super fun Digger Bed! He lovesssssss Diggers lately and all the dump truck galore. He may even sleep through the night if he had this to sleep in!

Lastly, items I would not buy in Yellow :o (Sorry but I just dont think I could, my appologies if you could!, but you may not want yellow rainboots either)

I know I have a previous post on all things yellow, Etsy finds - take a look...

Have a great day while I dream of Yellow In this great Chair and my Celine RainBoots! ( I hope I didnt stress yellow too much today)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, my 1st Post of the week!

Hey all its Friday and Thanks goodness because I drove to work this morning wondering if I was going to make it without falling asleep at the wheel, so I gave Laura a ring to keep me up. She just started her own blog (finally), she’s super crafty as well and is fantastic with home projects too, stop by and give her a “holla”  some time :)

One item today I was psyched to see was over at Project Mommyhood, ummm their going to giveway a pair of Elevens! I love that brand, Jacoby’s first shoes were a pair of blue See Kai Run’s. This brand is fantastic for their feet, so comfy, bendy and what other than super cute!

I have a few confessions too:

1. I’ve been so busy sewing I haven’t had much time to think about a blog post this week :(

2. I don’t think I am going to have all that I want accomplished for the store opening on the 30th (will have enough, just not as much as I planned :( )

3. Im beyond tired today that Im thinking of leaving work early

4. Jacoby has completely kicked my butt this week between his doctor visits, tantrums, non-sleeping bit, not-eating bit, and thoroughly pushing my buttons! He must know I’ll always love him anyway.

5. He’s getting a hair cut today and Im scared their going to cut too much from his mom and I will be sad, pout, pout.

6. I really need a hair appointment, but probably won’t make one for another 2 months, typical.

7. Oh yes, and I D.D’s new Cheddar Bagel Twists!

Yesterday I had the day off to attend Camryn’s Spring concert at preschool and it was so dang cute! I love to see her actually participating and not standing there with a pout on her face in embarrassment. I was video taping and almost broke down in tears I was so happy to see her enjoying it with her classmates. We then took her, Jacoby and my niece Grace out for icecream because it was beauuuttiful out yesterday. I’d love to post the video of the class singing, but im not too sure all parents would a appreciate that if they new… Im not having a waiver go around for them to sign either, nice thinking!

Have a great weekend all! & I hope to have more to share next week, as this week My Heaven was quite weak : /

Happy Friday to all you new followers!!!!