Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Beginnings of Busy time of Year

MOLLY ANN 8.6 lbs 22" long 11-29-09
Over the passed week I've decorated, celebrated Thanksgiving, my 10 year high school reunion, my daughters 4th Bday (weep weep), one my best friend's new baby Molly born the 29th (congrats Kelli and Rob!) and was contacted by a nearby shop interested in carrying some of my work. Its been busy but exciting all within a weeks time. This doesn't include all of lifes other crazy and wonderful demanding needs and activities :)

Funny how much can happen within a small amount of time and how little can happen over a span of time. I've decorated the rest of the house. We brought Camryn out to the American Girl Store near Boston to shop for her actual Birthday, did I mention how crazy that store is! But I loved it, although my husband Zack said that would be his one and only time going haha. Jacoby has a very runny and yucky nose but I am hoping thats as far as it goes. Poor little guy, he's too cute and sweet to be sick :)

I am hoping to make my way over to the shop this week on my free day if all works out well and hoping this for a good opportunity for another selling venue on top of Etsy. I will post the outcome of what happens with that.

Slowly but surely things are coming along and one more month of 2009, crazy! I'll be hoping for a positive 2010 to all those moms working as hard as I am to raise their family and make a living and enjoy it all at the same time!

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Congratulations on the possible shop stock!!! That's so exciting!