Tuesday, June 8, 2010

M.I.A (AkA, missing in action)

Lately I’ve been M.I.A, I know(not this M.I.A :), but wasnt that one crazy talk about outfit that night, my goodness). And I do have a ton of excuses up my sleeve, but do you really want to hear them????

(if so I will be happy to elaborate, but I just don’t want to bore you with the same Riddick of every mom’s lifestyle these days, because we all know how easy it is to let time pass you by when you have kids)

I have a few things I’d love to blog about, whether I get to them all today or not I will separate them into different posts so I don’t try to moosh everything into together as usual.

A few post subjects on the way:

- The Bachelorette (Yes, I know one of the infamous Bachelors this season, guess which one!)

- A Pattern Review (which I hope to start to do regularly). I love trying to new sewing patterns and think its very helpful to see reviews on them and how others perceived the directions and what not of it.

- New things going on with the “Local Collection”, future boutique business ideas.

- And I am sure you’ll here a little about the fam in between everything.

I hope I didn’t scare everyone off with my M.I.A status!

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