Monday, May 17, 2010

Need more MoTiVaTiOn!

Its a bright and sunny Monday today in Mass! Super nice. Makes me miss Florida already. Again, as usual, when I get out of my routine of work/sewing/cleaning/etc, its takes a while to get back into the groove of things, I am hoping to bring the new sewing machine back out tonight! I ended up picking out the the JANOME 3160 (which I think I've already busted the bobbin on trying to whip out my mom's new beach bag for mother's day to have ready for our cruise last week), supposively I got a good deal on it too :)

I am losing a sense of creativitly but thought I wanted to try to make camryn a Jasmine from Alladin inspired dress eventually. You just can't seem to find those, not even in Disney! (only the genie looking outfits, which she has because jasmine is her favorite princess). I thought making a play dress would be a fun challenge, when I gain a little more time. Camryn has an ornament with her in this dress as pictured on whatever this maybe, its the only thing i could find googled haha, but I know a dress should exist!

In the mean time I still have a bunch of projects to catch up on! i have a bunch of family and friends waiting for some lovely items I promised them. A Kimono here, a tutu there, a purse here, and dress there, ughhhhhh, i really need motivation, so help me hehe!!!!!

Here a few vaca. pics from Disney! Enjoy, we did! :)

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Rebecca Watson

looks like you have a fun time on your vaca!!



Looks like a fun cruise!

Love that outfit with the Hunter boots too. Hope the weather warms up for you soon!