Monday, September 28, 2009

A Boost of Confidence

So my ideas were flowing this past weekend and after having a rough week last week with guilt being away from my kids all day long all week long I started reading this book my mom passed along to me. (we have the same creative mind and passion to move foward with our ideas).

The book really gave me a boost and perspective of things I need to look into and start doing to help my success:

1. Somehow patton a name asap (we'll see how soon that comes along, as $$$ is involved)

2. I have already started a pretty lenghty business plan, so that was good (my college degree came in hand with that one since I'd did plenty of them throughout my college days).

3. I need my products to have a niche, something more unique about them on why they are different from the rest of the market. The niche was created for the shop idea, just not my products yet, and I'd certainly hate to just be a plain old copy cat! So I have been brainstorming that one and have a few ideas that will need some practice first.

4. Don't be bashful or ashamed of what you are doing. I am a very modest person and hates to brag about what I love (besides my awesome kids!), so practiced that already by trying to be more confident when my friends and family asked about my venture this passed weekend.

So I gained all this insight just from a reading the beginning of this book while driving home from my 9 to 5 while carpooling with my brother inlaw.

So then I didn't have much time to work on any products this weekend between showers, kids, cleaning, kids, cooking, kids, husband lol, kids, rest, kids, ahhh and its Monday again! But I was able to keep up with online correspondence and was asked to by a few people to create tutus for gifts, which got my creative juices flowing.

1. a tutu for a "scary" ballerina - will be my first real black tutu

2. a special tutu for a birthday girl who's family is very into their Irish heritage, which I actually began last night while trying to appease my husband by watching a movie with him at the same time.

3. a purple tutu dress for a possible etsy sale I am looking forward to

4. There was one request I seen too for a tutu design needed for a marathon runner, which I thought would be super exciting to make and it to be seen by all the runners and spectators, so I made a bid and am hoping for the best :)

Some more confidence came from my husband telling me he'd take the kids out one night this week leaving me with the free time to actually get some good work done. That is a long cry from him before being upset with the money I have spent so far to get things going, so that helped!

And again all I want is to do things I love, one see my kids grow up first hand and be apart of it and make things I love for great people in my life and others.

I see this by opening a cute boutique with my friend Laura whom should be having kids soon and will be in the same predicament. Have the ability to work and create on our own time/working time within the shop, have my little "cobeman" (Jacoby) running around where he pleases in there under my supervision :) while I can come and go to bring my "monster" (Camryn) to school, dancing, soccer etc whenever she needs to or be home when they're sick like Camryn is today who is at home being nursed by Grandma and not me :(.

In end today, I've convinced myself and Laura to register for our first craft fair! We'll see which one we pick and where it goes from there :)

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Laura Dos

You totally just motivated me to shut off the TV and get started on some new things for the shop!!
See you tomorrow!