Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weeks half over, little time, lots of motivation

Today I am going to be going to this fabric shop that has tons of different stuff, so I am super excited to get some great finds. My only problem is I hope not to get lost in there so I can get my daughter to dance class on time! :)
Last night I finished working on a custom tutu made for an super Irish fan. It was made as a double layered tutu, orange/green on the bottom, and white on the top with lots of coordinating ribbons (I hope to find a few shamrock items to add to at the store today while I am there) that has made it look wonderfully Irishful and festive. My only problem is I need a way to get pictures on here for all to see soon.
This weekend though I will be busy getting some new creations done because I have a showcase on Etsy next Weds. that hopefully will bring more traffic around. So I need to increase my item listings.

My friend Laura and I are in full swing on planning out craft fair plan aswell. We've been fishing around for a nice one to start with but not one that may be overwhelming for the first time. The Old Deerfield Craft Fair and CastleBerry Craft fair are our aspirations but we need to look for smaller for the first, maybe we can organized for those in the months to come.

I saw this fabric today too while fishing around online and loved it and I am looking for find something or someone to make me something from it. I saw the Vespa's and fell in love with it instantly! See pic above.

Have a great afternoon :)

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