Friday, September 25, 2009

To start a business

Forever now I've been stuck working in Corporate America. I constantly tell myself and others if I only new better and had more confidence to succeed in what I enjoy doing when I was in my teens I probably wouldn't be working in what I call the obvious main stream market for college graduates. Then I was looking for a safety route, and recently I began to realize I am still young enough to take a leap of faith :)

My journey began with a long time friend of mine when we conspired and brainstormed about opening a little boutique to carry specialty children's items from apparel, accessories, and shoes and we would also be able to create and sell our own creations for under our own line as well. Since we've begun a business plan and the whole nine yards, but are still left short of time and money to put it into action. Since then we've opened our own etsy shops to start to work on our own lines and creations.

I love being creative and making special personable things for the people in my life, but I have so many ideas and only so many people to plenish them with. So when I found Etsy I thought it would be a perfect place to start. And I am still looking for some great ideas to get this boutique in gear and or get these online sales in gear!

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How exciting! Sounds like a great idea! Look forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for the comment on my blog too! :) I work for a venture capital law firm that specializes in start up companies, so if you ever need referrals for investments firms to get capital, let me know, and I might be able to help. Good luck!


Thanks, I just got some more confidence this weekend with prospect sales :) and more ideas.