Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Etsy finds by great Etsy Moms

Hi all, getting into the spirit of the EtsyMom world?? I am :)

I am always surfing around seeing all these cute and amazing products wishing I could buy them all, but if I did my house would be not be able to hold all the things and Zack, my husband, might not be as pleased with our checking account as well hehe. In the spirit today I figured I'd post my finds that I fell in love with today and add more down the road in my ventures of surfing the Etsy Community.

Today I came across a bunch of things.

1. a beautiful Summer dress from BoodyBabies (since we're having a slight heat wave in the Northeast of a wopping 40 degrees, summer will be here soon)

She also made this very cute and handy bag... What great work!

2. Next I found from RowanMayFair's Shop this cute little patchwork skirt. How adorable! and great Craftsmanship!
3. Awhile ago I save this card in my favorites, if its cute I love it and its cute hehe!

4. Another great shop is JuJuBeCrazy, which I now have 3 clippies from for Camryn my daughter and she loves them :) (Super great prices too, you can't beat it!)

5. And here is an extrordinary necklace at another great price from Beazuness's, whom makes incredible jewelry!
By the way, click each picture to find these great products!
6. Last for today are these savvy little doll diapers at beadedsocks! How many moms wish the girls would stop using their little brothers diapers for playtime!

By the way, click each picture to find these great products!

Check back soon for some more great finds.

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