Monday, January 25, 2010

So i have 2 different computers I use. Unfortunately the one use for photo uploading has been completely detached from the Internet for almost 2 week now! I am not computer Savvy with fixing things like that and Zack has not been much help on getting someone to fix it.

Needless to say, I made some new Valentine Day's Tutu and have yet to list them or post them and am running out of time for the holiday. Sometimes I believe its just my luck. They are really cute and now I can't get them out in time. This is one reason why i never buy lottery tickets, to me they are pointless. Some people are lucky and others just aren't. Unfortunately I am not so I need to take every opportunity for what its worth :)

The newest opportunity came upon me today with an contact from someone at Local Collection, a new store in CA I hear that will be opening up a new location hopefully come spring time in Boston. Im waiting on more details, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for what Laura at LD designs says to be your quit your day job opportunity.
Ohhh would be so nice hehe.

Ill leave you with a terrible picture my friend Jill finding more than one use for TUTUS. Remember quality photography does not come from the camera on your phone.

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