Monday, November 16, 2009

CandyLand Tree time coming~

I got my sons Christmas outfit together this weekend, so the pictures will be taken soon, I just need to make my daughter's dress to go with it. I also have her birthday party this upcoming weekend which I am setting up our house as a Barbie themed Tea party for her and all her little friends. They'll all be dressed up, decorating cookies, and sipping on lemonade with a great big Candy Land themed Christmas tree in front of them!

Hubby says its way too early to put up any christmas decor but I figured since I am not throwing any parties at my house after Camryn's birthday party I should put at least one of my trees up. (yes I'll be putting up two great big trees this year and I am so excited to decorate them and the rest of the house). I have a ton of candy land themed xmas decor i picked up up for it at the end of the season last year, Cam is very excited to get it up as well. Poor Jacoby will probably try to tear the thing down this year still! But he'll certainly love all the fun characters and bright ornaments that will decorate this tree.

I figure why not put up the fun themed tree, the other tree is our traditional tree which will probably go up thanksgiving weekend or my birthday weekend the usual. I will definitely be posting pictures my trees once they are up.

It probably would have been more ideal to put it up say if Camryn picked a Candy Land themed bday party or I picked a Barbie themed tree but Owell maybe we can coordinate that next year!

In the mean time I made a new holiday dress , this one is all red tulle with a silk white and green striped lining. I just love these pooffy things!

Oh and Camryn spotted her crush again this weekend at her soccer games, boy was she thrilled!

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