Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah! its the weekend

Firstly Thank you to Jen at MiaBellaBoos as she gave me another great Greeting Card Designer at that also is one Etsy. I already have a 2 favorites and have gotten deeper in the whole on deciding on what my family's holiday greetings will be this year. And they're also having a great giveaway that ends this Monday so check it out soon.

When I finally make my decision and order and receive, I'll definitely be posting it here for all to see!

So last night I got in the works of 2 new tutu dresses that so far are coming out adorable. One is blue and white that will have some white faux fur trim and another one with more traditional colors. I'll post those when they're ready!
I bought a bunch of new fabrics of all sorts the other day, hoping to make more assortments of clothing styles. I get so inspired by all the great things I see other people create! My taste for myself isn't as frilly as tutus and galore as the things I create but I have so much fun making these things and my mind gets filled with ideas - but then is left with little time to fulfill them all. Most people will sayI've always been the one with fun and cute ideas, if they see something with ruffles, dolly, puffy etc, they say oh that's so Krissy. Which is funny because we all have our own styles in that sense, and I say the same about all my friends too, the hippy chic one, the preppy one, the conservative one, the sexy one etc. They all have their niche for style. Again, I'm the cutesy one :) , so i make lots of cute things for girls. It's like I can live vicariously through my daughter by making her these cute outfits and so forth (I am still trying to think of what I can make for boys though because of my son).

And did I say living vicariously, my daughter's birthday is coming up on Nov. 30th and I talked my husband into us buying her an American Doll. Granted she wanted one, but I did too! haha.

I've always made things though, whenever I've felt creative which is often I'd figure out something to make for someone that they would enjoy. When my niece and daughter were younger I made them their stepping stools and personalized them by painting them super "cute". I was like this from the get go, when I was little I'd take pieces of my mom's fabric scraps and sew pillows and what nots. This is all just my nature, and now with so many online possibilities and whatever else you make for yourself to do gives so much opportunity.

Unfortunately until I can quit this full time "gig" :) I am stuck with limited time to fulfill my creative ideas.

Lastly I finally made some Courtney Courtney purchases the other day! I am super excited about because I've been waiting to get a dress for my 2 nieces and daughter. These are the 2 I purchased, I love her designs.

If you want to see my son modeling on Etsy, check out here

He's so cute and modeling's my friends personalized onesie!

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she's got some great designs, doesn't she? love the dress you ordered - i'll have to check those out too!