Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to make the green beans? I was trying to find a fun way to make green beans for Thanksgiving as that is my given task for Thursday. I found garlicky, lemony, nutty, oniony, all types and not sure which to go with. I already decided against the casserole.

I had Camryn's Barbie tea Party birthday party this passed weekend which turned out very cute, and I got our CandyLand themed tree up. I just haven't found any extra time to download any pictures of it all to post yet. Soon enough I will because the tree came out great and was well liked all around and the party was a hit besides the one little girl crying because she was first out playing musical chairs. Cute but dramatic :)

Camryn got tons of unnecessary toys, cute clothes and pajamas I was thankful for b/c they weren't toys! She got her American Doll and loves it, taking care of her, dressing her often and sleeping with her. She also named her Dakota which I thought was fantastically cute, considering she likes to give dolls names like Flower and Leaf.

Well back to finding my perfect green bean dish! Zack's making a sweet potato pie, i'd like to out do him with my dish, we'll see ;)

Have a great and filling holiday!
Oh and craft night tonight while watching 4 Christmas's! Love when the hubby's go out so us wives can get our girly craft on and gossip in :)

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I absolutely love french cut green beans with a little bit of butter. YUM


yes I think I decided on Garlicky green beans, butter will be needed :). Cooking 3lbs of them tomorrow!