Friday, November 13, 2009

My little girl has a crush!

My almost 4 yr old daughter has a major crush on a boy in her class. I think it is absolutely hilarious and cute, but at what age is it normal to start developing crushes!

I remember my 1st crush was in kindergarten so I guess she's not too far from me considering I never went to preschool and my first social class environment was Kindergarten. (no thats not a picture of me and my 1st crush, just saw the pic and thought it was oh so cute, and reminds me of all the blondes in my life)

So anyway she always says she likes his "shirts", he's nice, so I ask "do you think he's cute" and she's says yes and blushes. I laugh.

Then a few weekends ago we were at her soccer game and she spots this boy across the field, as apparently she was going to be playing against him that day. Needless to say he was the only thing she paid attention to on the field that day.

Next, I go and pick her up at school yesterday and she runs back in the class to give this "young man" a hug (he smiled and blushed), then she ran out and we left.

This morning, I go in her room, wake her up to get her ready for school and she starts opening her eyes all groggy and faintly says "Where's Adam?" and I was like huh and started laughing and she got all embarrassed.

I tell daddy the latest news on her crush this morning and he's like oh dear its starting! I told him well at least her crush is on a nice cute kid! :)

Oh to be young again, the things I would do and change. I am very thankful for have a "girl's night" tonight with my Fab 5. I can reminisce and share this sweet story that they'll all get a kick out of.

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