Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Greetings time 2009...

I can't believe I already need to start thinking about Christmas cards to send out! I have not taken the ideal picture yet though that I want to put on the crafty card.

Last year I got a slue of compliments on the ones I made from VistaPrint, but this year I've been looking around and finding different sources to help me out with a unique Holiday Greeting this year to up my anty.

One I found at which is actually hosting a contest to give away 30 holiday greeting cards! Now that would be great time and cost saver right there!

Their site is, so far my pick is a toss up between the Squire and Larke.

Another great source a friend told me she got hers already this year is from an Etsy shop called Kottage on 5th at

She creates the JPEG image for you for $15.00 and then you can print or print elsewhere the amazing images at your convenience! Here are a few I sought out and loved:

Happy Greeting card hunting everyone! *******************************

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hey there - thanks for stopping by my blog today - nice to see someone new in there!
my friend out here in ca does the $15 design you print your own cards deal too - she's very creative -- check her out --
have fun with your blog and i'm your new follower!