Friday, January 29, 2010

EtsyMom Giveaway

Hi All

The EtsyMom Blog is having a great giveaway today. It is for Inglish Paper Design. Her shop has already been one of my Favorites, so I was excited to see this giveaway, as her cards are crafty, beautiful, fun and how I'd like to say Savvy.

Here are a few of the spectacular cards at her shop for only $3.50.

Take care and Happy Friday!
PS, I actually posted a picture of one of my favorites from her collection of cards a few days ago.... Check it out Here

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favorite finds of the day!

Hola, here are my favorite finds of the day from some great Etsy Moms!
1. Knit Caps from Milk Money by Sonia, click the photos to go to:

How stinkin' cute, right!

2. are these intriguing lucite vintage earrings from MishaBella's Shop:

3. Crawlers that go along with this to die for photo at Fate Goddess

and 4. Last but not least this fantastic headband, so sweet, chic, and stylin'! find it at 'pretty baby boutique'

Have a great evening all! Ill be browsing again real soon!


I am not sure if anyone will remember Molly whom I posted a picture of when she was born in a December Blog post, but here she is now, all grown (sort of hehe) in her special TUTU. She's now 2 months old and holding her own, styling chic in her tutu!
I am also on the hunt for new labels for my items or to learn how to make them myself. Any suggestions, the last ones I were a hard satin sew on and were very difficult to use and when finished looked quite messy. Let me know if anyone has a great label making person or is one :)
Enjoy the day, I may post some more etsy finds later, depending on time obviously!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Etsy finds by great Etsy Moms

Hi all, getting into the spirit of the EtsyMom world?? I am :)

I am always surfing around seeing all these cute and amazing products wishing I could buy them all, but if I did my house would be not be able to hold all the things and Zack, my husband, might not be as pleased with our checking account as well hehe. In the spirit today I figured I'd post my finds that I fell in love with today and add more down the road in my ventures of surfing the Etsy Community.

Today I came across a bunch of things.

1. a beautiful Summer dress from BoodyBabies (since we're having a slight heat wave in the Northeast of a wopping 40 degrees, summer will be here soon)

She also made this very cute and handy bag... What great work!

2. Next I found from RowanMayFair's Shop this cute little patchwork skirt. How adorable! and great Craftsmanship!
3. Awhile ago I save this card in my favorites, if its cute I love it and its cute hehe!

4. Another great shop is JuJuBeCrazy, which I now have 3 clippies from for Camryn my daughter and she loves them :) (Super great prices too, you can't beat it!)

5. And here is an extrordinary necklace at another great price from Beazuness's, whom makes incredible jewelry!
By the way, click each picture to find these great products!
6. Last for today are these savvy little doll diapers at beadedsocks! How many moms wish the girls would stop using their little brothers diapers for playtime!

By the way, click each picture to find these great products!

Check back soon for some more great finds.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So i have 2 different computers I use. Unfortunately the one use for photo uploading has been completely detached from the Internet for almost 2 week now! I am not computer Savvy with fixing things like that and Zack has not been much help on getting someone to fix it.

Needless to say, I made some new Valentine Day's Tutu and have yet to list them or post them and am running out of time for the holiday. Sometimes I believe its just my luck. They are really cute and now I can't get them out in time. This is one reason why i never buy lottery tickets, to me they are pointless. Some people are lucky and others just aren't. Unfortunately I am not so I need to take every opportunity for what its worth :)

The newest opportunity came upon me today with an contact from someone at Local Collection, a new store in CA I hear that will be opening up a new location hopefully come spring time in Boston. Im waiting on more details, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for what Laura at LD designs says to be your quit your day job opportunity.
Ohhh would be so nice hehe.

Ill leave you with a terrible picture my friend Jill finding more than one use for TUTUS. Remember quality photography does not come from the camera on your phone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Tutus coming

I am finally out of my holiday rutt :)

Pictured is a white tutu I made with a red satin waste band and with simple but charming white ribbon containing red dashes.

I guess creating this one was getting out of the holiday spirit, so it is definitely ready to be worn for Valentines Day on all those charming little ladies out there! Also my modeling niece Amber found the left over Santa hat laying around my house and I couldn't help but snag a few cute pictures of her in it. I suppose it doesn't help sell the Tutu for Valentine's Day but it was so cute I needed to share and hoped all would see beyond the Santa hat and realize its a versatile tutu, as all are!

If I was a young girl again, I'd be wearing a Tutu everyday, especially if Mommy made them hehe.

Enjoy, I should have another Valentines Day style posted soon, Red with White felt hearts throughout!
Good Day All,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brand New Year

Happy New Year!
Above are a bunch of pictures taken of my beautiful kids enjoying their santa hats this year in their Pajamas, or which we call them "kichees" (old family word thats just stuck over the generationgs i guess).
Right now I am trying to get out of holiday mode, my holiday mode consists of lots of family time, relaxing and reorganizing - only thing it doesnt really involve was making new items for HollieK's so I just started this week to work on some Valentine's Day items for HollieK's on Etsy and for the little shop nearby that now carries some of my items :) Im finding it hard to fit it all in though. Funny how a month of chaotic holidays can throw your whole schedule off!
I am going to try to update my new items here and progress as things move on for 2010.
Again Happy 2010, and hoping for a happy and successful one all you hard working ladies out there!