Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy week and no keys!

Its been about a week and I've been busy running around here and there and making this and that.
Friday we drove my sister to Boston to catch a flight to Las Vegas - slightly jealous - so me and Z stayed overnight at his Brothers to get a little party time in. Unfortunately do to party time Friday night - away from the kids - I didnt make it to the Sox game until the 4th inning! But I made it, and I was super glad not to make it until then since the weather was FRIGIDDDD - ummm my brother in law's girlfriend made him buy her a Sox sweatshirt because she went with a very light shirt and coat, boat shoes with no socks. CRAZYYY. I had 4 layers on and still freezing!

We then drove home from Boston to pick up the rascals and we all mellowed out watching tv the rest of the night - I think Jacoby made us watch Dumbo :)

Sunday we had Laura's son (which you can see at The Fab 5 Turns 30 blog) Keaton's baptism. I was the photographer - and my luck made the camera not work during Baptism time at the church, good thing I was able to get the shots of the kids at the bar at the after party instead hehe. (all non-alcoholic drinks going round there)

I somehow managed to finish Camryn's outfit for the Easter Egg Hunt at the park this Saturday morning coming up, last on the list is my niece's purses for Easter, until next week at least.

See the pants above Camryn has on - Jacoby had some weird come over him today, because I had a yelp call down from the balcony this afternoon when my cousin was over with her kids for play date: Jacoby put my pants in the toilet and is now getting it all over the hall way!!!!

My thoughts were ohhh no, so at least the toilet was flushed before he put them in there and I could mop up the floor and put the pants in the wash. Really though, he has never put anything in the toilet like that before. Poor guy then got a time out :(

Here's Camryn's new haircut I've been meaning to share, the hair cut she thinks is like the AMerican Girl doll Kit, but we kept it no shorter than the shoulders and she was still very happy.

Mine and Camryn's foot - can you guess who's is who's - if you go to previous WIWW posts you may get a good idea :)

 I was very proud of this hat, i've been scared to try to make a hat, but I think it came out marvelous - yet Cam likes to wear it on the floral side and the intention was to wear it on the baige sparkly side.
 Here I am - not necessarily todays outfit, because I was stranded at home due to leaving my keys at the Bro-in-laws Saturday - yup! Silly, woops, so and in the past I already lost my spare key to my car, so Im waiting until Friday to get them back. (today its Yoga pants and tee) The other day I went with these less flattering jeans from GAP, a tank, and the White light shirt bought from Target recently. The headband I wish you could see better because its my favorite from Anthropology. Its gold and sparkly- so pretty!

If the weather was being nice - Id love to sport some short cut offs and chunky sandals like Nicole's!

Camryn's pick from the Fancy Nancy party yesterday hosted at the library.... she was walking the runway.... balancing a banana....

 And this was my boy today - the boy who threw his sister's pants in the toilet! We working on potty training... only a few minor accidents.  He also refused to put on any clothes today too - Lets just say it was one of those days with him :D

 And today's latest project - This Orient Love Hobo bag for a lovely lady in Florida!

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Rebecca Watson

that is a super cute easter outfit!!! :)


you got so much done this week - im jealous!.. tomorrow is my friday though and tonight was a night of cupcake and easter basket making - Keat's easter daycare party tomorrow!