Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Wonderland

Here's a good thought on a beautiful weekend after a typical Nor'Easter' snow storm in April on Friday. The weekend has been beautiful though! Z has taken the kids out to play, the movies, the park... yet Jacoby has had a fever on and off, so I had to put my foot down on him attending the park this morning with Camryn :(

Here is where I'd love to be.... I have this picture hanging in a bathroom in our house, along with the above star and saying. That boardwalk to the beach picture reminds me of easier carefree days back in college of this beach we some of us would skip class to go to during the week when Spring had Sprung. Never took much for us to skip class, but unfortunately sick kids can't be skipped out on and responsibility is now in my life. It sure is tempting though, to fill a cooler of beers, some snacks, some towels and just go relax, play some beach football and dabble our toes in the cool water and be tempted to run in. Then take a nap, wake with a tiniest of burns on the cheeks and drive back to campus for yet another relaxing evening of what we didnt know at the time as being relaxing and carefree.

Soon enough right.... I envy those who live minutes from the beach, it is somewhere I dream to own a home along one day... ahhhhhhhh so lovely :)

Im trying to get back into a little shape for beach weather, as I mentioned Zumba the other night. It went fantastic here, and then went to Jenn's for Zumba in her house Saturday morning while I brought Cam over to play with her daughter. They just loved laughing and pointing at us as we danced around but I've been feeling great and hope to keep it up this week too!

Here's my bag going into retirement, as soon as decide on whether or not the Spring bag I made for myself is worthy enough of carrying around everywhere all season long. This one was my baby, the bag everyone wanted, which I was completely surprised about, and now that it is in shambles people still swoon over it when I am out and about. I guess its just because its not your typical Coach or Vera Bradley bag you see everyone carrying around in this area of the US.

Hope Y'all had a great weekend, mine will be topped off with a Family BBQ dinner catered by Z tonight. His folks, mine, and my sister's Fam will be over to tear the house apart and eat some homemade burgers and pasta salad, and probably a few beers :)

In honor of our typical Saturday / Sunday mornings of watching Phin&Ferb, from Jacoby and Camryn.

 xoxo, Krissy

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Thanks for stopping by The Organic Blonde. Two things. VERY pretty childre, ok, three things, love Zumba, but the most important thing, that bag in the picture is FAB!!! Definitely something you want to carry for Spring!


Krissy, thanks for leaving your comment on my blog about my scarf! :) I am now a follower...
second, I adore that picture of the beach boardwalk and my hubs and I have just started to talk about how we would love to have a little cottage to go to on the beach for long if we could just find one in our price range! :)

have a lovely Monday!