Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Ideas and WIWW


Here I am... Its a sunny day. Jacoby and I went off to Terrific Two Story Time at the library and then took out a ton of movies, books and cds for the week. 

Long sleeve top - Gap
Long Tank thing - B. Republic
Necklace, Bangles and ring - B Republic - Cobes made me take off the jewelry during story time because it was making too much noise
Jeans - usual Skinny's the Meks from Nordstrums

Shoes - Khols and super comfy, so glad to go sockless today!

And we're off!

He loves to have "his" music in the car, which consists of Barney, Dora, Mickey, Pooh or any other kid music he picks out at the library for the week. Last week we were listening to Dora's Worldly adventure or something so we learned some new words in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and even some from Ghana - not too bad, I was singing them all week long!

It gave me a great idea though, Camrn's been into Paris lately, probably due to Z instilling it in her, see her room has Paris all over - so fun!

So my idea was, I took out at the library a bunch of kids french word books and french CD. I decided to try and teach ourselves some basics and hopefully master it down the road (anyone ever use Rosetta Stone?). Once we master it probably not years from now - we will venture off to Paris and enjoy all it has to offer together! I already started with Camryn a bit since Christmas, but not as much as would have liked to so far. I remember, ummm the library must have stuff! The library actually has everything which Z has been making fun of me for utilizing it so much! Hey its Fantastic and Free! Z knows french as much as I know Spanish - High School and College classes, can read it, yet can't hold a conversation.

Anyone else have any wonderful speaking skills?


PS to see more of my past week outfits, I've been trying to keep up... just check out past days posts

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very super cute the skinnies with the adorable flats!!!

Laura @ live.laugh.photograph

those flats are SO cute!!! i must have them NOW hehe :)

I found you through MGR... you are stylin' momma!

Nina @ Momma Go Round

I agree, those flats are awesome! I'm really lovin the long tank thingy. The proportion on you with the skinny jeans is great! I'm featuring you this weekend!


i really need to get on that blanket :)


You look so cute!
I love to hear french. it sounds so romantic. i hear rosetta stone really works wonders for people! good luck. :)