Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here I am!

Here I am, Its raining, its pouring, Momma wants to be snoring....

This is what I threw on today out of pitty for the rain and wanting pure comfort. I think I need to picture myself next time on a night out or something, I am always giving you my day outfit with the kids, which is rare to find me in something less drab. As you can see though I tried to sass it up a bit with a flower in the hair - but then retired it as I thought I looked ridiculous since its a white flower and Easter hasn't even hit yet :P

Sorry picture quality is horrible today, but
Heres my outfit:
Rainboots - zappos Hunters
Grey Leggings - I think Sears
Long Sleeved White Shirt - Victoria Secrets
Plaid Button Down - Old Navy
(minus the boots - probably about a $40 outfit)

The kids finally got their hair cut last night... Camryn too - dont have pictures yet though of them.  Camryn's been begging to get her hair cut the Kit, the American Girl Doll, but Z has been against it saying her hair is toooo beautiful to cut. I finally talked him into to it, getting Camryn to think her hair is as short as Kit's, but its actually a wee bit below her shoulders. She was so happy though. This morning she ran into school announcing to her teachers and friends she got a hair cut (as if they wouldn't notice). Im so happy for her though, because she's so excited. I remember when I was younger my parents hated to let me cut my hair too so I figured, why make her suffer like I did when I wanted was to try a cute bob hair cut at 5, but wasn't allowed.

Yes Zumba, my friend Jenn got Laura and I to a Zumba-thon last Friday, it was intense! I loved it and only craved more, despite how tired and achey I was after.  It was over an hour and a half of crazy routine dancing with tons and tons of women. I think having the tons of people there made it more intense, because no one cares how good or bad you are, but its encouraging to see others of all different ages and sizes all keeping up whether or not they got the routine down or not. This wasnt the one I was at, but looks similar... Ill try to get a pic or 2 once the photographer from the Zumbathon posts some... Maybe we'll play "where's Waldo" in them :)

I told Jenn and Laura I needed a "Zumba" outfit - which Z would laugh at me but I thought I could be better at it if I fit the part more. Isn't that always the case - anyway I just through some yoga's on, a tank, old sneaks (b/c im not a sneaker person, i have no good or new sneaks) and a hair bandana.

Hope your weather is better than here in the NorthEast today!



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Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims

boooo rain :( cute outfit though!! :)


I like to see you wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, so cool.