Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'nother rainy Tuesday

After a sunny and warmer weekend, we've now headed to April showers this week.

The wellies are sure getting their work out this season so far!

Yesterday I had to bring Jacoby to doctors, yet again, from his fever all weekend - from the above picture of them you wouldn't be able to tell he had one since him and Camryn were running around pretending to go to the beach soaking of the sunny spot in the front window in their bathing suits.

I was just going to run to the doctors and the fabric store, then pick up Jacoby's antibiotic for his minor ear infection, so I through a sweater dress over my leggings and baggy long sleeved grey t-shirt. By the time Z got home from work I was wearing comfy grey sweatpants, the long sleeve grey T and comfy socks. He made fun of me for wearing all grey but I completely didnt care as I was soooo comfy in my warm house starting to bake my homemade "Sporky" pizza.

with some pre-made pizza dough, pizza sauce, provolone, sausage, ricotta, and mozzarella! It was soooo good, but I may have added way too much sausage as I was picking it off when I was on my 2nd and 3rd pieces!
My Sporky was good but it didn't beat the Bertucci's Sporky which is my favorite pizza there, such a classic.

Today, its still raining, yet I decided to give my Hunter's a break for the day, as I am feeling super lazy in baggy jeans, another long sleeved cotton T and my comfy brown UGGS, if I didnt have to work this afternoon I'd probably just throw my grey outfit on again, just kidding, maybe I'd do black this time :) And the hat, because flat hair, once again... eek!

Have a great Tuesday, and here are some of the bags I completed over the weekend!


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oh my, we are having nothing but rain here too...ugh it does get tiring! I had my wellies on yesterday but today...yeah I was in cute flats to pick up my grandson but now? LOL I am in my fuzzy pink slippers!!!!!

Oh and I LOVE the sweater dress with the wellies and grey adorable!


My kids had that same fever virus all week. Hope he's better!

Love those bags you make. So cute!