Thursday, March 31, 2011

Told you Jacoby was Cuter Tuesday

I did mention yesterday on WIWW that Jacoby looked much cuter on Tuesday because we were out and about in the morning because Tuesday's I usually work.

Take a look at my handsome boy, I am just so in love * *

Ok moving on... So I decided over at my Fab 5 blog with my friends to entice them to try to spring clean their dressing styles after the winter rut... Yesterday after WIWW I was not thrilled how I looked in pictures so figured to get more incentive to try to look nice and in style on a daily basis instead of MOMMY WEAR!

Today my end result and after noticing picturing yourself makes a huge difference in what you see....

Again Jill's Cap - not feelin' my hair this week at all - shall I chop chop or just need to blonde it up with some highlights?

Cardi - Limited
Tank - Khol's
Jeans - Nordstums J Brand (which Im never giving back to my sister)
Trust ol' UGGS - Nordstrums
Scarf - H&M

my Cobeman this morning who had pink eye, but is clearing up today.... where do they get these things!
So I crave fashion on top of being a crafty mom, crafty mom's can have style right? I always remember the crafty mom's when I was young being very out dated... I dont want to be out-dated! even when my wrinkles take over :D
But all the crafty ladies I've met here all seem to be in style, Keep it up!!!!

Moving on....

Here's me thinking of how I am going to fit some fabulous ladies in my living room to do some Zumba tonight...

My friend decided to become a Zumba instructor on top of being a full time pediatric nurse and raising to little girls - she's nuts like me I guess :)
Tonight she's going to try some routines out on us so we can critique her... I am pretty excited since I haven't done Zumba in 2 years... (if you've followed in the past Z broke his arm one winter, which Kaboshed my Zumba classes because he needed my assistance with the kids at night - and then never got around to getting back to it)

Ill report back on how it goes...
Lastly, here's my latest Spring Bag... Its not ready for sales yet though, because I need to tweek some of the structure, size and sewing procedures for it.... but it seems to be like so far over on Facebook.      


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He does look adorable in his outfit and glasses!


Hi Krissy! Your boy is the cutest!! Love the outfit just so adorable. And major LOVE to that Spring Bag, my favorite Kaffe print I have one in turquoise, such a beautiful print...