Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wedsnesday

I started my morning off in PJ pants, a warm up jacket, sneakers and a cap to bring Camryn to school. Then I came across all these ladies getting dressed this weds! So I have changed, although I am not satisfied with the look, but I through it together in seconds to get out of my PJ's! Jacoby decided to join me and brush his teeth in the mirror thats was already mangled by the kids prior admiration of them selves up close and personal to the mirror.... (Think Jacoby could be changed as well as he's in his comfy house clothes... he looked much cuter yesterday!)

Sweater - H&M
Bra top Tank - Khols
Wrinkled Skirt - Old Navy
Cotton RIbbed Tights - Gap
Hunter Boots - Zappos :)
Cap - to be seen below - borrowed from a friend :P

After that though I wasn't feeling the sweater, still felt FRUMPY... So I through on instead a Short Sleeved Polo Sweater probably from Marshalls... (I swear to have a better outfit next time!)

This is all I will be doing today though, besides running to the library to drop off some books and to the Parks and Rec's office to sign the kids up for the city Easter Egg Hunt (Cant wait!!)

So sitting in front of the sewing machine... in my poor dining room I've taken over since my basement work area was too cold through the winter...

Watching Jacoby from afar watch his shows, color and destroy the house...

All awhile taking in the aroma of my favorite Yankee Candle scent of the moment and creating fabulous handbags! Hoping to knock out my own for the spring today too!

Have a sassy and lovely Weds!


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love the wellies and the boat n tote behind you! both are staples here.


Oh loved this post ! Great hand bag. LOVE your house ! Your kiddo is so cute ! Love your outfit. Cute hat :)
Come follow me back !


Very cute! I love the hat and that purse. Becca :)


Hi Krissy!
You look SO cute in your Hunters and skirt! I have green Hunters and i'm dying to wear them with a dress soon. :)

So for your hair- PRODUCT is my secret!
I use volumizing products for my blowout, and then when I style my hair, I tease it in sections and I spray the underneath section with Big Sexy Hairspray and then I tease. I'm kind of a hairspray junkie and I love Big Sexy!!

Okay, so the purse I'm in love with is the second to last one in your last post. Could I buy one from you? How much do you sell them for?



I did my hair today and its so annoying, I will be going this weekend to get that hair spray and prob need to make a highlight appt asap!!! Here you can see my hair... its very blehhh to me

I would love for you to own one of my bags! Get them in the part of the countries market too :)

You can go to my facebook page... Most of the info should be there, they're between $55-75... $75 is for a huge bag. You can choose different fabrics too, in the pictures there swatches of many of the fabrics I have right now to use, so take a look!!/pages/Hollie-Ks/176079065212


Cute outfit. Adore the boots.

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i am here from momma go round hop tonight...and wanted to say i l.o.v.e. those wellie boots!!!