Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party Time

Hey there!!!!!
Just for a little info: I started My Heaven not too long ago in conjuction with the forth going of my Etsy shop, HollieK’s. At the time and still recently I’m a constantly working on my Etsy shop and other local shops to sell “sassy & lovely” children’s apparel and accessories.

Through the beginning of my blog posting I’ve found so many other mom’s alike, many of which inspire me and I love to learn from. Each one I’ve come across has motivated me in some way to continue doing what I’m doing to make this all work. I mostly looking forward to the hopes of being a SAHM soon and be able to do what I love on the side.  My family comes first, so Im trying to make the venue much easier :)

I have 2 kids, Camryn 4, and Jacoby will be 2 in August already. My husband an I were high school sweethearts so have been apart of each others lives and families for about 15 years now and I am just 29 (which in less than a year I’ll be sobbing over the dreaded 3-0). We also grew up in the same neighborhood, since elementary school, funny how things work out.


Im so excited to be joining in on this years Ultimate Blog party, because as already stated, so many I’ve met have already inspired me so much, I will be excited to meet many others ") Here are a few things you'll find in my shop:

I just hosted my first giveaway this week, and I am hoping soon to be able to start posting tutorials as well. My time has been limited because I still work full time elsewhere "(

I look forward to hearing and learning from many of you soon. Stop by my shop or fan me on Facebook: Hollie K's which you'll find on the side bar.

and BTW - we're Sox fans!



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I LOVE the fabric combo you did for that kimono top. Soo pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog & I'm now following your back:)


Everything I have seen of yours is adorable and appropriate (that is a huge one for me). I totally missed out on the blog party.


Thanks for the incredible comment Holly :)!

Momma Such

Oh I love the little tutu! If I have a girl I have all of these plans to dress her up in a tutu and take pics...he he!

Love your kids names! We actually have Camryn on our list of names if we have a girl! Our kids all have C names.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

Marvelous Mommy

Very cute! Camryn is such a little diva! I think she's 4 going on 24! lol I love her dress and hair too!


You have a beautiful family! I wish I'm a SAHM too, oh, like that's my biggest wish. Your sewing is amazing! Still loving that black and white giraffe dress, gorgeous!

Allyson & Jere

I might be ridiculously in love with the giraff dress. No really, that is a piece of brilliance right there. I also adore the tutus, but I'm not sure if my daughter is beyond them or not? Anyway, stopped over from glamazons confessional. Fun to read around on your blog.