Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fancy Nancy meets Carrie Bradshaw

Yesterday Laura and I got some fantastic shots of the kids modeling for us! Mostly I should say my niece Gracie. She was a natural! Camryn was not into it much until later because she had to go “potty” and there was no where to go so she stood around miserable for a bit crossing her legs until my mom who tagged along for the day took her to pee outside near the car, REAL CLASSY, I know!!!!

Here are just a few of the natural Diva, Laura has a ton Im not going to be able to choose from for my LookBook, but I can’t wait to go through them and play around with them. Gracie’s Mommy, my sister, is away in Mexico this week so said she was in tears when I sent her these pics of her Gracie to look at and now can’t wait to get home to print and frame a bunch of them for the house. (I sooooo wish Camryn was playing along better, but I guess she was having an off day) We plan to do another photo shoot down in the near future again.
EVEN AMBER A.K.A. Gooey, was a bit helpful I'll try to find a suitable one of Cam to post even though she looks miserable in all of them :(

And now for one of my favorites….

Who could tell the difference in what Era these girls were from??? Were they on Sex in the City? (they sure could have been!) Struttin’ their stuff down the street and in Auntie Issy’s and Auntie Laura’s boots with tutus….

Man, did they put on a show for the crowds in NOHO yesterday, and we loved every second of it as we almost peed our pants trying to keep straight faces and played along.

This is why I say Fancy Nancy meets Carrie from Sex in the City!

If you'd like to see some more great shots from the shoot, stop by Laura's Blog at Life on Northwood. She should be posting some within the next day and she's got the super incredible photos too!

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Adorable and very creative Fancy Nancy meets Carrie Bradshaw, love it!Guess you've got quite the fashionista on your hands!