Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a rant

Getting ready for another crazy holiday weekend. Anyone else traveling too and fro to make sure your kids are daunted off to every bit of you families?? I sometimes find holidays to be quite stressful for many of these reasons. I just feel bad I can't accommodate everyone to see my darling beautiful kids!!!! :)

I need to appologize for my absence lately on here. I usually have things to post all the time, new creations and what not. I've been hard at work creating so eventually I'll have a ton of cute things to show you what I've been up to. I just haven't had a chance to photograph these things. I'll will be setting up a special post in the next few weeks of all the wonderful things I will be selling in at the Local Collection in Faneuil Hall come May.

BTW - Here's a few for Friday Confessional, sooo fun! check it out :)
I dont feel bad giving TMI because I noticed many others have and I dont mind, so...
1. I purchased way too many concert tickets for this summer than I can probably fit in or afford
2. I "also" do not wear a bra unless I have something you could see through, for the most part. Having kids took my boobs away!
3. I usually only make time to brush and floss once a day, but tell the dentist I do it twice.
4. I hate working for "corporate america," my husband does not want to believe me but Im ready to quit any day now
5. I can't go into a fabric store (or almost any type of store) and spend less than $35, so I try to go to any stores as little as possible.
6. I have an obsessive cleaning "disorder." If i see a dust bunny, its gone in seconds. If i spot a crumb on the counter, its gone in seconds (yet my house is still a disaster!)

Any fun confessionals from you?????

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visiting from Friday Friends.
I love seeing children in their cute Easter outfits!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built

I feel you here completely! Every holiday feels like a whirlwind for me - getting to and from every place, making food, getting all the kids' stuff and gifts if need be - definitely so busy but worth it too :)


Hi there, I am your New Friend from NFF, have a safe and happy Easter.

Hope you can follow back, thanks!


Found you from Glamazon. Love your confessions.


Awesome! I wish some of your compulsive cleaning would rub off on me! Also-your fabric store mojo...I get overwhelmed in those places, I'm like WHAT? People SEW things? What on earth? And I run out in tears. :)

Thanks for playing!


I hope your Easter turned out a little less stressful than anticipated. I totally understand, I get so worried about fitting everything in I feel bad for my kids who can't just stay once place and play. But I feel blessed to have the family to travel between!
Love the confessions...I hate the money spending shopping too! I have the same issue!


YOU WON the huge contest on my blog
a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to track you down. I left a comment on your blog earlier but I hope this one finds you.
I need you to send me your mailing address to so I can mail your amy butler book, fabric, buttons, pattern, and handmade goodies!


i tell the dentist that too- so funny visiting you from the confessional...