Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two days of fun filled Easter and Beautiful Weather

I figured I'd share a little Easter montage of pictures from the weekend!
~ Enjoy ~

1st off was an Easter dinner with the Easter bunny for the kids.
Mine seem to like to eat anything anything other than real food.

Here are my nieces, Grace and Amber and their Daddy Uncle Steven
Waitin' for the Easter bunny, the lil' ones wanted nothing to do with him - totally understandable as it looks freaky to me too!
Ahhhh, Jacoby Before Running around

and after Running around :)

Easter Morning....
Sorry no PJ and egg hunting pics, we were rushing probably like every other family with kids!

Jacoby's Favorite spot to sit outside for some reason

The Fam... not too generous pic but at least we got one.

Hunting... yes no baskets, plastic bags haha. Their baskets were already too full for this hunt.

and candy of course....

Hope all had a lovely Easter! Stop by my previous post for my 1st giveaway!!! :)

PS - if you've followed any previous posts you'll notice Camryn is not wearing the dress I made her for Easter :(
By hubby's request I took it apart Friday night to take it in a bit for a better fit, made a few mistakes and lost all ambition to put it back together! I figure I'll put it back together for another event down the road i guess.


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Laura Dos

haha love your kiddos... these pictures make me laugh (and made my day).. love Cam posing with her legs crossed and sun glasses on.. such a diva!.. and cobe-man, all i can say is cutie!!


I love that pic of your daughter on the stairs! Too cute.

That purse you are giving away is TOO cute!! Am I too late? Has it already been given to a lucky lady?


Genn, you still have plenty of time, I won't draw a # until Friday :)