Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday - Lots of stuff

Wow there’s a lot to do this Friday in the bloggy blog community….

First I have some confessions for Friday Confessionals with Glamazon Mormon Mom:

1. I almost had a mental breakdown yesterday, and a good cry was what the doctor order I guess (I feel better today, the thing about being a woman I guess right?)

2. if someone offered me a tranquilizer of some sort yesterday I would’ve taken them up on the offer, shhh.

3. My hubby wants to get my son a haircut and I am soooo against it because I love playing with his awesome blonde hair

4. I ate a salad for lunch but was still hungry so had a peanut butter sandwich too

5. Last night I instilled in my brain I was going to call out of work and then my 18 month old son was super moody and needy this morning so figured we’ll drop him off with my mom and just head to work instead. (I truly am a good mom though!)

6. I now smell like peanut butter and am worried its draping on my face somewhere!

7. I am not a cuddler and enjoy my “own” space in bed

8. My hubby hates it and always tries to crowd me and wrap his legs and arms around me

9. I think I have an over heating issue problem at night (some may say its hyper thyroid, but I have yet to be diagnosed, plus I cant sit still and can not gain weight, but is that a problem)

10. I need a vacation (and snuck one in with my mom, niece and daughter in May, then told my hubby about it, woops)

Wow I now sound like a horrible wife today… I really am not, I love and adore the hubby, he’s wonderful, sweet, loving, helping, usually understanding, and handsome :)

Speaking of hubby, here’s a pic of him scooping Jacoby up to bring inside after he kept having to stop him from trying to jump in our pool off the deck last night that still has the winter cover on it and practically swamp water in it.

Also, Camryn decided it would be cool to go outside and watch the sunset after her bath and they had their "kichies" on, and she’s trying to take a picture of me at the same time fun huh, and just to show you how crazy my boy is, he’s was trying to climb over the railing on the deck. Boy do we need to keep our eyes on him now, HE’s NUTS!

Stop by all the Friday follows, (New Friend Friday too!)I’ve met some wonderful blog friends this way and hope to meet some more! A new one I joined is from the Trendy Tree...

xoxo Have a great weekend!


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Hey thanks for stopping by my bog!
You have a beautiful family.
Yes don't we all need mental breakdowns sometime! :)

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Cute kids! You don't sound like a bad mom or wife. Don't worry. And I'd have offered you a Xanax :)


You are right. Lots going on for Fridays now with new memes sprouting up like our Friday Follows. Thanks for linking up.



Aaw, your kiddos are so cute! I'm the same way about sleeping-I swear the best thing we ever did was get a king sized bed. We snuggle for a bit, and then roll over to our respective sides and don't touch the entire night. It is bliss. I can't sleep with someone touching me!

Soooo glad you played! Have a fun weekend.

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