Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Excited, I won! sp guess what....!!!

Ok because I am completely overjoyed…..

I’ve decided to…..

To host my first giveaway!!!!!!!

Before I tell you what though, I have to share why I am so excited.

I WON over $90 worth of super stuff from Distinct Design! I don’t win very often but when I do its fabulous! If you’d like to see what I won, stop by Joy’s blog Distinct Design. You’ll find tutorials, giveaways and inspirational creator to follow. She also has her own Etsy shop called SnazzieDrawers with great patterns!

I did win one other time not too long ago…. A FANTABULOUS card! I have it in safe keeping until fathers day comes along.
It is perfect for my FANTABULOUS DAD whom is arguably one of the greatest Dads on Earth… (Yes you to Mom, I most definitely can not let her go without props as well) This is the card I won from Beyond the Fringe Crafts

Ok, drum roll please…………………………………………………………….

My first giveaway one of the newest items I have created to sell at the Local Collection opening April 30th in Boston.

This is the little girl’s “Summer Purse” for my HollieK’s line at the Local Collection. I have an extra one to raffle off to one of my sassy & lovely followers.

Ways to Enter:

1. Become a follower of “My Heaven”, if already a follower leave a comment :)

2. Stop by my Etsy shop and leave a comment of what your favorite item is

3. Become a fan of "hollie k's" on Facebook (there should be a link button in the side bar for it somewhere, sorry you couldn't locate it :( Annie)

4. Add this giveaway to one of your blog posts and leave a comment with the link of the post.

All pretty easy, 4 chances! Goodl Luck! Oh ya, I’ll randomly pick the # of the winner this Friday, April 9th . I will leave a comment for the winner on their latest blog and also post it here :)



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Annie @ The House That Jade Built

Adorable! I'm a follower & my favorite item is your kimonos for the little girls - so stinking cute! I tried to friend you on facebook, but I couldn't find you :(


Congrats on your winnings - that is a great prize.

Your bag is the colors and the print...super-cute. I am a follower.


I am a follower! I would love to it OK if I am in Australia?? If not, feel free to delete this :D

Laura Dos

love the bag!! it's adorable!


OH Yeah Im so gonna win this I can feel it :)!


Loving the purse! I sure hope to win it, I passed up a purse similarly shaped at goodwill the other day and now regret it!!!

It is so cute, awesome job!!!


Forgot to leave my email.......

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue

I am a follower. That purse it totally cute!