Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New Love for Kimonos

Here they are,
My newest creation attempt with the super fun Kyoko Pattern by ModKid Boutiques. I saw the pattern pictures and fell in love. And I fell even more in love with it once I made my first Kyoko top. The idea is so cute on little girls, and the ability to use so many color combinations leaves creating these completely fantastic and motivating. I opened up the pattern and Zack was there, looked at me and laughed, no faith whatsoever. But then I made the first one and we both just steared at the Kimono like top for 10 minutes straight in awe that I made it and it was so "dang" cute!
All of the patterns from ModKid Boutque are enticing, and I decided to try one of the more complicating looking ones. I love challenges and since its my first real pattern (I tend to wing creating things on my own) I decided to step up my game and go for it! I am so glad I did too. Its now brought ideas for Asian inspired bday parties for the girls, I can just see it now. 10 little girls running around in Kimonos, slippers, chopsticks in their hair and kneeling on pillows having tea and whatnot. Maybe Camryn will pick Mulan as her favorite princess by her next bday party, hmmm, i know its a long time away, but definitely think its a unique and fun themed bday party idea now. Gotta love Kimonos!
Soon once I put some more together I'll be putting them up in my Etsy Shop.
Plus I need to take some decent pictures, again I need to go out and get a new camera!!!!! My phone isn't doing justice :) but my new craft desk is definitely paying off.
Thanks for all your nice thoughts in my previous post, I really really appreciated them.

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Those are gorgeous. Your fabrics and your versions of the pattern are amazing. I just saw some ModKid patterns at our fabric store here.


Thanks, i love their patterns. I had to get mine online! I wish I had a fabric store around here that carried some of that stuff.


Hi Krissy!

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Thanks so much for participating!
PS: LOVE those darling Kimono's!!


Hi Krissy,
I sent you my info, but am wondering if I got the email am posting mine here. It's Please send your address and I will mail your card to you! Thanks!! =D

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden

Those are gorgeous! I love fabric too and I love your choices!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments.

Have a great weekend!