Monday, February 15, 2010

A Happy Valentine's Day, but Sorrowful Loss

Happy Monday everyone, I give my sad news first and then leave on a happy note. Not all is left to be sad, because the one lost was a dear and incredible loving uncle. Uncle Tim was a sweet sweet man, had his cute quirks like most men do, but incredibly endearing, loving, giving, and thoughtful. He always took an interest in my well being throughout the years, which is why I hold him so dear to my heart.

"In Memory of Timothy Ferris"

We lost him Friday morning, February 12th, at 2:20 am after battling cancer for only as what we all knew to be 5 months. I am going to share some family pics we took this summer on an extended family vacation, that we are all so thrilled we were able to do and never thought at the time Uncle Tim would not be with us the following Summer.

Above, my parents with Uncle Time and Auntie Stephanie (the never go anywhere without eachother duo couple)

Above Uncle Time with latest Grandaughter, Eden.

Above, Uncle Tim ready to play with Camryn and Madeline in ocean.

Above, Tim and Stephanie, Tim's love.

Above, some of his immediate family, Eric and Dawn with kids, Jack, Eden and Madeline.

Thanks for readying, now for the Happy side of Valentine's Day Weekend:

Yesterday Grace my niece was over and so we managed to make some V'day cupcakes, I am definetly no baker, all that know me knows this. Love to cook, but hate to bake. But I know its fun to do with the kids and they love it and had a good time. That's all that matters! But now we have about 50 cupcakes no one is going to eat!

Next, My surprise! Zack must have been taking note lately with me complaining on having no where to put all my crafting stuff and how much I want my own space to sew and stuff. (funny thing is I got him a picture for his someday future "man room", see we're perfect for eachother)

Voila! he took me to Ikea to pick up some items to build me my desk and accessories. It is still a work in progress, as I will be decorating my corner with some other cute stuff, maybe like a new lamp shade, reopulstering the chair and other little niknak items. But I was very excited! We spent last night after the kids went to bed fixing it up and putting it together. (I knew I married him for a reason :) )

We went home after Ikea and made a delicious filet mignon candle lit dinner. Cam hung out for awhile as Jacoby was tucked nicely in his crib snoozin'.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as we did, for the most part, and again Thanks to Jen at MimiBellaBoo for her I said yes party and this great collage!


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Laura Dos

i'll be over for cupcakes this week and to see your new crafting area!!
Uncle Tim is in our thoughts as are you!


Sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like your family has wonderful memories of your Uncle.

Love your new Ikea get-up. It's great to get organized - which I am not over here in my world.

Have a great day!


What a sweet post about your Uncle and his life. He had a good life.

Yea for a new organized craft center. I'm so jealous...I have to use my kitchen table. Trying to be patient :)

Cute cupcakes! Happy Valentine's day!


Thanks for your thoughts :) We have a close family which is nice.

My craft area is so fun, and the kids can play around me while i am doing stuff. Trust me, I was patient for awhile for it!


oh those pictures put me in tears - so thankful that you have those pictures from you vacation to remember your uncle during the good times. it's never easy to lose the ones that you love.
so glad you enjoyed the blog party too - i really loved doing it and i think it made everyone in such an appreciative mood for their relationships this past weekend!