Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Said Yes! Blog Party

For the I Said Yes! Blog Party.....

So its almost Valentine's Day and Jen at MimiBellaBoo had a wonderful idea of sharing our proposal/love stories. Her button on my side bar will take you over to her blog for this blog party event also if interested.
To keep a long story short, group up in the same neighborhood, nevermind city. He was 2 grades ahead of me (I always thought he was soooo cute) and throughout elementary school he never even probably knew who I was. Once I reached high school, I seeked him out ;)

We ended up dating throughout high school and became high school sweethearts that soon broke up here and there through out college. We finally broke up for what I final break up was going to be when he graduated college. He eventually moved to Cali, and I stayed in Boston after I graduated for awhile. We never ever lost touch, always stayed friends, calling and sending cards and so forth, all along we had other relationships.

I a year or so after college didnt like my job, broke up with my then live in boyfriend and moved back home. He that same year moved home from Cali. Coincidental, or Ironic, but all in the end was meant to be. We started hanging out, going out to dinner, making dinner together and before we knew it we were exclusive again. That year I moved home I didn't have a career set yet so decided to go back packing across Europe with when of my best friends, (remember the girl in the picture with a tutu on her head, thats her). Zack was not too keen on me leaving for a month as our relationship was somewhat in "bloom," but I had always wanted to go to Europe and it was a great time in my life to go for it.

We first arrived in Rome, right after the pope died, coincidental, definitely! Our next stop was Greece where one my childhood best friends was living at the time so we visited. I had always since I was in kindergarden with her wanted to experience Greece with her, and it was my perfect opportunity, until..... I so called thought I had the flu! Turned out after taking a greek pregnancy test, Camryn was to be born in about 7-8 months. I flew home right away. Although scared, surprised and tired and sick, we and our families were very excited even though we weren't married. Everyone knew we were meant to be, and apparently this was to sign our deal, a cute baby girl.

Now to the proposal. One weekend morning while I was pregnant he blind folded me and took me for a car ride (it was obvious to me what was going on) but I let him play his game as he had put some thought into it. He walked me out of the car about 200 feet away, up a hill and hitting a few branches. Once there he took the blind fold off and kneeled down with the ring, tried to say how much he loved me and all that goop and then asked me to marry him! I of course said yes, hugged, kissed and then he explained his motive for place but I already knew. He took me to my parents backyard in the back wood area where we use to cut through to walk eachother home at night when we were in high school. It was also the location to wear he first said "I love You. " I can always count on him to be sweet and romantic, but not too mushy, because i dont like that lol! This a picture of the location...

From then on, things have only moved forward and we still talk about and think about what our future holds together (for instance when Jacoby was born seen in the pic below). I found the love of my life at 14!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone and I hope you enjoyed my story!

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love it love it love it! i love when high school sweethearts work out because there is just "something" about that very first love that is irreplaceable! i linked you up to the party - this was more work to organize than i realized!!! can't wait to read them all - thanks for being the first, and again, adored your story. i love the location he chose!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built

I came over from the party & that's a super sweet story! I too married my high school sweetheart. We broke up 3 times b/c we were also crazy in college, but we ended up together & I'm glad we did!


We both have always said we wouldn't change anything that all of our break ups and in between relationships were worth it and needed! Thanks for reading and have a happy V'day weekend


BEAUTIFUL STORY! I love how your love story is when y'all were young too! thanks for leavin a sweet comment about my love story :) it's great to have your high school/teen sweetheart as your 1 and only huh? beautiful pics too!!


yes funny how things end up!


Oh.. aren't you two so cute?!? Love your story. Love it. What a beautiful family you have too. Thanks for visiting my blog. So glad I found you through the Mimi Bella Boo Blog party. Adorable, you are.... Happy Valentine's Day to you too. xoxo Nancy


Love your story! SO sweet. It is so sweet when high school sweethears work out. You have a beautiful family. Glad you to have found you through Jen's cute blog party.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!


Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Your story is so great how it was all meant to be and your family is adorable!


Aww, cute story. And I agree - those breakups and times apart allowed you to grow. The fact that you grew together says a lot. What an adorable family you have.


I love your beautiful love story!
Not everyone gets to marry his or her childhood sweetheart.
Isn't it bittersweet to go back to square one and marry the one that God has chosen for you right at the start?
Lovely family you have!! :)


Great story! Lots of surprises in it. I love a good love story. You have a beautiful family and I'm glad I got to find you through the Mimibellaboo blog party. Enjoy your day!