Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Cuties

Weekends seem to blow by and before I know it I am sitting at my desk again Monday morning in my "cube" day dreaming and rummaging through emails, sipping on my my breakfast coffee, chatting to my cube neighbors about our exciting weekends and where we left off on Friday before I ran out of there as usual in a blink of an eye. Literally, one will see me working away at my desk and within seconds will find I've taken off. All I ever want to do is get home to my family. See my cobeman smiling and going "bahh" and dancing to Barney, and Camryn bouncing off the walls, making her crafts and giggling at all the silly nonsense jokes she seems to make up.

Im posting a few pictures of the kids taken from my camera phone, since my regular camera has been broken for awhile and I havent gotten around to fixing it, along with my sewing machine and computer. I like the "do it yourselvers" and none of those seem to be of that status queu for fixing so they're hanging around until I manage to get to these individual places to fix everything, that is all crucial in building my Etsy shop. I am planning on getting them fixed this week, but I came home from work completely burnt out. Personally I think I drank way too much caffeine today and had nothing to blow it off on but sitting at my desk.

Zack was gone almost all week on business in upstate NY and from the sounds of it we had the better weather here in Mass. But he managed to buy himself a pair of boots for the snow he's been ranting about doing for 2 YEARS! Finally i guess the snow up there made sense for him to get some. I was so glad to hear that when he told me over the phone. I probably sent him 20 phone pictures while he gone, every cute thing me and the kids were doing from cobeman's messy hair in the morning to me and cam doing makeovers which you can see in the pictures below. She really got a kick out of getting me loaded with make up the other night. But she had so much fun, it was worth the pain scrubbing it all off after she went to sleep.

Daddy brought us all home some yummy chocolate that we all devoured within 24 hours! We die for chocolate, everyone one of the 4 of us hehe.

Happy Monday to all and I hoping for a fast week as Friday I am off to Boston to visit some college friends - I need a night off after my week alone with the kids!

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