Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wonderful having closeknit kids

Oh to be young again and care free. These two are currently the youngest in our family, Jacoby, my boy 18 mos and Amber my niece, 2 1/2. These two are so precious and innocent I can't get enough of them. They are the type that makes you want more! How adorable are they.

Did you have a close cousin or brother and sister? I have my sister Katie, 4 years older, but the older we get the closer we get. We've had kids the within similar age brackets and now they are all like one big happy family. Grace my niece is 6 and Camryn, mine, is 4 and act like me and my sister did growing up. So funny to watch the similarities. Then there is Amber, AkA Gooey, my younger niece, and Jacoby, as seen in the photos. They are exactly 1 year apart by about maybe 2 days, and the older they get the closer they seem to get as well. I am so happy and thankful my children get the same joy of friendship and fun out of their close knit family.

That's all I just wanted to share them today!

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