Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Colored EtsyMom Finds! Tampon Wallet???

Yesterday evening, me and Camryn had our Dentist "cleaning" appointment. Its always cute to see her sitting in that chair, she is so easy going with it but gets so tense at the same time when they put anything in her mouth. Here's a picture of her there (zack notified me that she looks like she has a pregnant belly in the picture haha, I didnt notice until he pointed it out, and obviously she does not have a prego belly!) My Cobeman is sick though he had a 101 fever last night and looks pittiful. He hasn't had a fever yet today, Im hoping we don't need a dr.'s visit.

Moving on, here are some great finds I loved found from EtsyMoms (great wallet and bags today!):

1. I've been in need of new wallet for awhile, i've worn my Vera wallet quite thin! Here's a Shirt and Tie wallet from DaniellesBag Shop

2. Pretty Pink purse, by PriddyCreations Shop Sure is pretty!

3. Here's a great find for a Valentine's gift for your little girl, A litte Cupcake tote for 8.95! At Mimi'sBabies

4. Anyone need a Tampon Wallet, check it out! Check out more of her Incognito Wallets at AbbyChase Designs

5. Lastly, but not leastly something thats on my purchase list!!!! This clutch purse is soooo me~

Don't get it before me at Cathy's Totes whom is also a Mass. native :)

Have a great day all, and come back soon.


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Charissa @ MiMi's Babies

Thank you so much for including my cupcake purse. Love your blog.


Thanks, the cupcake purse is such a cute idea for little girls!

Laura Dos

Haha... LOVE the picture of Cam! She is the best! I may buy that tie wallet before you do! that is adorable!