Friday, February 26, 2010

What does your Dove say to you?

So I am an addict, of chocolate that is (and Diet Coke, and fabric, and photos). Is that so wrong???

Sometimes when I am working I think my poor body, how does it know how to live off only chocolate? So today I got the chocolate munchie again, happens quite often. So I ran to CVS and picked up a package of Dove Chocolates. No, not just one simple piece or even bar of chocolate can satisfy me, I need a whole "dang" bag! So opening up about my 5th one, I finally decide to read what the wrapper said, "smile, you're eating chocolate." So I tried to smile even though I am miserable sitting at my desk thinking about the fun daddy is having at home with the kids today, but then I thought, I should have a smile on 24/7 for all the chocolate I eat :) Now there's a happy thought!

Here are some my happy thoughts rummaging through some saved photos:

~Cobeman getting the Mail

~Camryn Cutting out pictures from the Newspaper on Sunday morning with daddy

~Cam giving Jacoby a squeeze, pretending to be a nice sister ;)

~And Cam saying goodnight to Daddy who was gone on business to NY last week, she's laying on the sorta butterfly pillow she requested I make her with heart prints. She has lovely taste hehe.
And Jacoby brushing his "own" teeth, always so cute.Have a nice weekend all, and eat some Chocolate!


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