Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Mini Me

Good morning and happy weekend to everyone! So an old friend and neighbor I grew up left a comment on my facebook picture of Camryn in the pink Kimono with her arm up saying wow she's a mini Krissy! It felt so nice, because when I gave birth to her she came out the spitting image of Daddy. And all us moms know, all that work and she looks like Daddy :) Thank goodness Daddy is cute!!!! Now pictures of Jacoby are spitting images of Daddy too as he gets older, but Camryn as she grows older, particular pictures of her look like Mommy, and I get to say wow she is my daughter.

Although I should have known anyway by her lovely temper, for instance this morning she is yelling "mommy come here, I need you (all frustrated mind you)" I say "ok Camryn what do you need?" she yells back "I just need you, come here!!!" and I say back " Camryn please tell me what you are doing and I'd be happy to come over and help you" and she yells back "no, not until you come here", finally I yell back "well not until you tell me what your doing." I instantly laughed thinking oh my, is she my daughter, that stubborn trait comes straight from mommy. Her sense of style and crazy color ideas are true to me too, I always loved bright, frilly, fun and girly colors and stuff. (still do, im just an adult now, tear tear) So she is my true daughter through and through! Here is another picture of her dancing around the 12 dancing princess or something alike, with a.ka. Gooey, her cousin Amber, also running around in one of the Kimono Kyoko tops I made her and a princess cape :)

Here is the next Kyoko Kimono top made in 2T, I can't get enough of them and I just had my friend Laura pick up some other great fabrics to make some with yesterday! When Zack gets home from his too long of a business trip tomorrow, he'll be in charge and I'll be sewing hopefully.

I did not want to forget the cobeman this weekend either, so here's a quick "drooly" picture of him. He is always full of smiles.

He sat on my lap this morning while I was reading about Layla Grace getting tons of kisses and squeezes as I read along and that truly touched my heart and could not let go without mention this morning. Her mom of Momi Boutique has shared so much of a life battling journey of her loving, sweet, and treasurable little girl. To read and support to send prayers and thoughts, please see here or by clicking on her picture. It is a truly beautiful and heart warming family, that is now in my prayers and thoughts as well as many others.

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the kimono is soooooooo awesome! Did you use a pattern or is it your own design??? Love 2 know, wanna make one for my girls...

love miranda


Hi Miranda! Its a modkid design pattern, you can find different places to buy their patterns here

They have so many fun ones :)