Monday, March 8, 2010

The Case of the Missing Tutu

Today I wanted to share my newest Tutu. I thought it came out adorable. I tend to sew them more often than the tie version because they are easy to keep up. The tie version tutus get very messy and you need to comb them through them after wearing a lot depending on the crazy girl wearing it :)

The tie version though come out so cute and you have so many color options and other details to add to them. They tend to be puffier too depending on the "stiffness" of the tulle, but today I am displaying the Pink Kaylee Starlett Tutu

The original was made for my cousin's 3 year old girl named Kaylee whom loves to play dress up I hear. I wanted to do something more so I added these dainty little shiny stars I found at Jo Ann fabrics awhile back and added to my embellishments collection. I finally put them to use and still have plenty more to embellish with. Im hoping to see some cute pictures of her in it. I love seeing stuff in actual use! Makes it all worth it.

Funny thing is that I originally made a tutu for Kaylee that was pink with white felt hearts sewed through out it. I had Zack drop the tutu off at my parents one morning when he dropped off the kids because they were going to see my aunt to give the tutu to her grandaughter, Kaylee. Later that day I ask my dad about the "purple bag." I get "What purple bag?." So it was a mystery for a few days what happened to the "purple bag."

A few days later I was at home and asked to watch my niece Amber. Her daddy drops her off and she comes prancing in my front door with jeans, a sweater and the PINK TUTU with WHITE FELT HEARTS! it was hysterical, and my BIL Steve is like "what, dont look at me, I know nothing." Apparently, Zack dropped the bag off with NO explanation, My mom found it and thought it was for Amber to bring to daycare, so she dropped her off at daycare with it. My sister, Katie, picked Amber up from daycare wearing it and assumed she got it from the obvious "tutu maker" of the family.

Needless to say I could not ask a little girl to give her tutu back!!! So I whipped up another one, and me always liking to make things different than the others decided to use the stars, and I love it, even more so than the hearts!

In honor of this hysterical story, I am working on a tutorial to share with all of you on the no-sew Tutu! Hopefully I can get it together by next week, so look out for it. I owe everyone something fun to make as I have enjoyed so many of all your tutorials :)

Happy Monday


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That pink tu tu is SO stinkin cute!


Thanks, im inlove with it hehe.


Cute tutu! I bet she is just in heaven. My girls love tutus!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party! I really appreciate it!