Friday, March 26, 2010

Where would you live?

To me this is a lot of food for thought lately. Zack and I have always loved the idea of relocating. We've said if we were single and/or had no kids yet we would totally have moved from the location we are in now.

Have you ever thought of moving? Our places of where we'd move to have changed over the years since we've have kids also. We went from thinking maybe a west coast party city to more suburban family orientated towns.

Do you have any "practical" special location in mind you'd love to move to? I was hoping for some ideas and input. Maybe you love where your from too! Tell me why :)

Sometimes I love where Im from and sometimes I just think it would be nice to move and see what other locations have to offer. Really the only thing holding us back from moving is our family near by!

I have a few places in mind and will share those eventually, I just want to hear what some of you have to say first.

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We take little mini vacations to San Diego and everytime we go we always say thats where we want to re-locate to when the kids are all older and out of the house.

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I moved every year of my life as a kid.. so you would think I'm sick of moving... but I'm not. If I had a choice, I would pick up and move every year - preferably around the carribean islands... california wouldn't suck either.

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I'm just so incredibly happy where I am. I can't really imagine living anywhere else:)
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Hubby and I have thought about moving to Portland, Maine but we're afraid we can't handle the winter.

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Hi Krissy,
I couldn't respond to your comment on my blog b/c your email didn't appear to be listed, but I wanted to respond to your comment, so here I am....No, we did not find out the sex of the baby this time around! Brave huh, since we already have 4 boys. We decided to let it be a surprise this time around. We will find out in 4 months though! :)


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This might be a little far for you to consider, but if I could move anywhere...and I am planning to one day soon, I would move to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. It is the most perfect place with lush green rainforest's on one side and beautiful beaches on the other and the best thing of all... It has my lovely parents and my beautiful little sister. Its my idea of paradise!


Wow, that does sound wonderful! If I had family there I would too :)


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Lovely places to live. Me, I want to move to Florida, anywhere in the state, or go back to Ecuador, where I'm from. =D

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Hi Krissy! I love Malaysia too much to move but I'd always dream of "temporary living" in other countries lol...I'd love to be in Japan because I love, love, love their handmade culture, or perhaps Ireland, just because lol. Looking forward to read more of your posts! :)


I have always lived in California...first L.A. and now on the Central Coast. I swear I am a city girl, but part of me wants to be a cowgirl in Montana.

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