Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Projects

Zack this morning left to work on his parents bathroom makeover, so I decided to steal the idea from Susan's Colorful Life to do a project with Camryn after Jacoby went for his nap. She loves doing projects, so I thought it would be much more rewarding crafting with her this morning than by myself still trying to master my ruffles. Our garland banner didn't turn out as perfect as the ladies fromm Susan's, but take into consideration that the items were found sper of the moment thru out the house and my 4 year old had the driver seat of the project most of the time :)))))

We decided to make Grandma a St. Patricks Day present (early) so she can add it to her holiday decoration collection for St. Patrick's Day. She has decorations for every holiday from Easter, 4th of July and even president's day. We figured we'd make this one for Grandma because she loooovvvvves Irish day!!!!! And decided the next banner we make will be for "Mammi" (other grandma, just called Mammi), for Easter, since Camryn had such a good time creating this banner masterpiece. We still plan on putting one together for our house too later, but its such a nice day for once around here (50 degrees and sunny) Its been awhile, so Camryn is getting some fresh air.

We found construction paper, all different kinds of green markers, paints, felt, stamps, stickers etc. And a pair of Zack's old boxers. Don't worry they were washed and clean, its not like I took them out of the dirty laundry basket!!! Plus it was the only shamrock type of fabric I could find worthy of cutting up. She did most of the decorating and cutting and I did most of the glueing. I tried to leave most of it up to her, but I strung it all together afterward.

Ta Dah!!!! I think its adorable and so homey because she put so much effort in it.

ANd the after math, I didnt want to leave that out!!!!

* Thanks Susan for the inspiration for a great Saturday morning project with my little girl this moring!

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Hey there, stopping by for a late visit from Friday Follow! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

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Susan S.

That banner turned out Awesome! Camryn has real crafting know how. Good for you for making an impromptu craft day....I'm sure all the grandmothers loved them.

And believe me...our grown up aftermath is usually about that "creative" looking too. When crafting starts to happen...the scrapes just fly...LOL!


I'm your newest follower, I found you through Friday follow! Only it's Sunday now! Do I still count?

I hope you will come check my blog out as well!

Have a great weekend!

PS. Praying for Layla Grace too!


What fun..I love doing projects with the kids....even if we make a mess...I always have a smile on my face after wards. Thanks for stopping by 504 Main. I am a new follower here!