Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I almost fainted (twice!!)

The scene of the crime! (and lampshade I will be redoing hopefully this week after seeing one I love at LuvinTheMommyhood today.) So last night as I was finally getting my niece Grace's Kimono finally accomplished for her I hit a bit of trauma. Tuesday nights are my definite crafting nights. Zack goes Bowling (yes I said bowling, absolutely hilarious, my dad and others conned him into joining their league team last year, its pretty intense I hear haha) Anyway so I got the kids in bed (finally) and began my nights endeavors at my new work station. I thought I had been going at a nice pace, making sure the Kimono was coming out in a nice fashion and before I knew it, I SEWED MY THUMB!!!!

I am not one for blood, guts, or anything of the sort at even a fraction of something occurring involving broken bones, cuts, and blablabla. So mind you I am home alone with the kids sound asleep upstairs and I am sitting in my chair with my thumb stuck and me about to lose conscienceness. Somehow I pulled myself together within minutes took care of the needle(Ill spare you the details there) and then ran to completely disinfect my thumb just in case leaving a whole in it would cause me to need amputation, cause a heart attack (who knows maybe from some weird bacteria on the needle would trigger something). Funny thing is, these are the things running through your head even though its not that serious, but to me it was more traumatizing than giving birth! After completely disinfecting it and wrapping it up as if my whole finger was cut off, I removed part of the cotton ball to realize the tip of my thumb was bleeding at two ends, ick ick ick, I get nautious thinking about it. Never in my right mind would I have imagined to pull this one off and then have to take care of it on my own, no mom or hubby to whine at and say help me!

Within minutes though I had called Laura my crafting partner in crime to enthrall with the details and laughed about it. Zack got home and we laughed about it again.

So this morning I wake up, get out of bed, about to jump in the shower and I tell Zack, OMG my arm is super weak and feels really weird. He starts rambling on as any unserious guy would about oh no do you think you have internal bleeding, what if you need to do this or this happens etc. I instantly turn the color blue, yell for him to shush, get in the cold shower (b/c the water was not warmed up yet for me, you know how the first shower of the day seems like forever until the water gets warm) and make him get me a drink as I drop to my knees, feel like I am going to vomit, pass out and anything in between. My ears were ringing so loud I couldn't hear him asking me are you ok. A few minutes later I started to come "to" again. Ringing went away, nauseau subsided, I could open my eyes, and voila! my arm felt normal. I hope that is my one and only crafting injury for awhile, I am used to being pricked, glued and whatnot all the time but not the needle all the way through again please!

Did I tell you I hate blood and everything of the sort???? :) (I can barely give blood when needed without passing out)

End result though, Grace's Kimono got completed!

And I got a great big kick and laugh out of the Cobeman this morning with his crazy hair I am able to share.

On a side note also at LuvinTheMommyhood, I came across this contest about creating something with ruffles, check out the button on my side bar. I just received this little catalog in the mail yesterday and these items totally inspired me to create ruffles, and now this contest, I think adding ruffles is in my future to something just not sure what yet. These super cute items and so much more can be found at Chasing-Fireflies

Have any pittiful accidents to share, this would be the blog post to do it today at!!!!
In honor of my poor little thumb....


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Annie @ The House That Jade Built

Oh my goodness - I'm dying over here for you! I sew a little bit...nothing fancy...just pillows. However, I always fear I'll get my thumb! I tend to sew really fast, so it could happen!!

Also, loving those ruffles - I want a dance outfit for my 4 year old with those tutus - she'd melt over it!!


It was just one of those OMG i cant believe i just did that moments haha.

I'll posting whatever I happen to enter in the Ruffle your stuff contest. My niece already requested a Ruffle bathing suit. You should enter a ruffle pillow!! :)

Laura Dos

this still makes me laugh!!


OMG, that is so gross and sad. I'm now nervous of that happening! I'm glad you are okay and that your hubby was there to "save" you :)


I know, I tried to spare gory details :/


Wow, just reading that made me wince. I'm sorry you even had to go through that! But, I'm glad you survived. :) I need to learn how to sew ruffles, they are so cute!


Meg, go to she has tutorials on ruffles and "stuff" :) Its great!!!