Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Projects

All weekend I was plugging away at my sewing machine and craft corner. As I mentioned in a few posts, I was asked to be apart of the Local Collection store opening next month which is opening in Fanueil Hall in Boston. I am driving myself mad considering I still work a full time day job and am a full time mom and wife! What am I thinking taking on another "gig" like this, but I am soooo excited! I am certainly hoping to make the best out of this and know if I didn't follow through with this new retail store that I'd kick myself in the butt no matter what. So I am taking it on and have come to the realization I am going to be beyond busy, in which I had to advise the hubby I am fully committed :)

Beyond that, I played with a few tutorials from Christine at "From an Igloo." She has had so many cute things on her blog that I just had to try. They seemed simple enough to give a whirl at.

One was this "Scrappy Clutch." Last weekend I took my daughter (age 4) and niece (age 6) to the fabric store and let them pick out their own fabric and I would make them a little purse. The tutorial is for a "clutch," but I turned it into a little girls purse for them, just made a longer strap instead of the smaller one sided strap you'll find in the tutorial. The fabric combo's they were picking out were hilarious, I had to put my foot down a few times, but this is what my Cammi came up with which turned out cute and very "Cam."
My niece, Grace's, is going to be interesting when finished. Just think cupcakes and leopord print! I took the excess from those and compiled one for my 2 yr old niece Amber as well so she doesnt feel left out. So hers will be an interesting combo too :)

Overall this tutorial was great and made for a cute simple weekend project for myself.

Also, another one of her tutorials is the "One Hour Sundress" It did take me a bit longer than an hour, but I had many interuptions :) After I had Camryn try on her new sundress she loved it and I only needed to adjust the straps. I guess I made them too long. And I also only had 1/4" inch elastic available so made due on that too. I added a flower for an extra touch :)

Thanks Christine for sharing those and all the others you share!

~ On another note I started Camryn's Easter Dress too, I also found a great corresponding fabric to the Lindy Leaf I picked from the THIS POST HERE. Its a Yellow swiss dot material that matches perfectly!
Have a great Monday!

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Everything turned out SO cute! I love the strap on the purse, and your sundress with the added flower is adorable!


You are SO talented! That is all so so cute!


Great ideas. My daughter adores purses and that dress...too cute!


Thanks, but I have to thank Christine for the tutorials!


Hi Krissy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The peonies took me a couple of hours to do (not counting hitting the thrift store for fabric, finding thread at the Japanese discount store, and running out to the fabric outlet for pin backs). I think the next ones will go quite a bit faster, as I've already figured out the best techniques. Good luck on your Fanny Hall gig! Love the sundress.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built

Those are fabulous! What talent!!


such cute creations!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it led me to your sweet blog!!


Wow, so neat! You are so great at your crafts!!!


I love the bag! I need to make a list so I can get my projects done too


krissy, those are so pretty!! LOVE the dress! so sweet and the added flower really made it special


Looks great! Love the flower addition! My straps turned out too long as well. What do you do right? Hahaha, at least I'm not the only one who didn't take an hour...haha.
Thanks for your comment :)