Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Ruffles

Last night I decided to experiment after coming across the "Ruffles and Stuff" blog and contest. This is my first attempt at my "own" ruffles. Came out OK, but I definitely need to experiment more! The ruffles are so cute, but when sat in front of the sewing machine I had a brain freeze of what to put ruffles on! Any great things to put ruffles on???? I am going to need some more inspiration pictures, I think the problem is there are so many things to put ruffles on and I only have so much time. So here was my first attempt:

I took an older B. Republic Jersey material shirt I had that me and my sister wore when we were pregnant, and haven't worn since. My intention was to turn it into a summer jersey knit dress for Camryn, but it turned into an apron :) that I will probably gift to my sister Katie as a joke since it was a "pregnancy" shirt we both wore as I look what I did! I did really like taking some scrap fabric though and turning it into a scrunchy flower using the ruffle tutorial. Speaking of Ruffles and Stuff, today she's hosting a giveaway of an apron she made last night as well. Its adorable, and can I say, much better than mine! (but who makes an apron out of jersey material lol, me)
Here are just a few Pictures I threw in that were better than the one I put on my blog yesterday about my "accident," This is the end product of my disaster :)

I get to spend my Thursdays working from home with my Cobeman, as we ship Camryn off to preschool for most of the day. Here is a picture of him from one of our bonding Thursdays I love so much.

Have a great Thursday!

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Annie @ The House That Jade Built

Ruffled pillows are always fabulous! I too love ruffles, but no where near my booty - don't need to draw attention to it :)

Laura Dos

love the jersey apron!.. I think it is adorable!.. I would wear it!


thanks, Ill add you to my gift receiver of my experiments for the next something :)