Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow is my "work from home" day and I am already getting anxious thinking of how Im going to get work done and not clean my house!

A few posts back I said I would add a blog entailing my clutterful home and insane obsession for baskets. These are literally only minor pictures as to the amount of baskets you can find throughout my home. For some reason, I have this notion that hmmmm if i can't find a place to put something it ends up in a random basket, then every few months I go on a rampage of emptying these baskets so they have more meaning as to what they should have in them.

Its funny because Zack will say "where are the plastic plug hider things" and then will ask "where are the take out menus" and Ill direct him to the same basket. I really need to go into basket rehab. It is not the answer to my clutter, its just the junk we collect on a daily basis is incredible and God forbid I toss one of Camryn's random pieces of art work. Usually those things Zack asks for can be found in one of these lovely baskets. One is usually for art supplies, mail supplies, diapers, birthday stuff, pictures. Within a months time these baskets are overflowingNow this one is fun! Our entry way from the garage.... If it was winter year round I think I'd have this area boarded up! Shoes, scarves, mittens, hats, toys, more diapers. This area astonishes me too of what gets collected. And if your wondering whats on the top top there, those are gift bags, easter baskets of all sorts. You need one for a special event, I've got one!
Ok so this one kills me too. I call this the "how does it grow" basket. I empty the toys from this one constantly and it always seems to be overflowing. And those other little ones are for DVDs and other TV whatnots.
Ughhh, the kitchen. Ok so my basket in the kitchen has no rhyme or reason. I bought a new storage case to throw mail in everyday and that just overflowed, so it just went everywhere else. Oh that is my morning best friend, the Keurig, if it wasn't for him, I'd be spending $1000 a year alone just on coffee.
2 baskets here: the dish rack basket, yes we have a dishwasher, but this seems to be full constantly too. and the other basket stores bottles, bibs, and a ton of odds and ends!

Do you have a basket crazy obsession, please share and make me feel better!!!!???
Remember this is only 3 rooms of my home, and every room has more than one basket in it even the kids rooms! And when I go to the store I always find myself impelled to buy another basket!

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ok so is it bad that i want to have all the baskets and organization like you?? b/c I REALLY DO wanna have all these like that! lol...i think ur organization w/ the baskets is very tidy, stylish & quirky! i wanna b like u! lol i think i may try to start! lol


Hi Krissy,
So, I kind of like the basket idea. I could use a few of my own cos right now in our business's boxes. That's right, ugly square boxes. LOL! Anyway, I'm so glad you received the card and that you like it! I will definitely put my name in for some draws. So excited!


Thanks! But they don't always look so tidy (I should take pictures before I pick up) I need to pick Martha Stewarts trick to start labeling!


Oh my girl, you do have a lot of baskets!! I am diggin it though. It creates a place for all of those random items without a place. And when you have kids, there are a lot of random items floating around, right? We have a toy basket in our family room, and just like yours, it grows everyday! I am always throwing things away and cleaning it out, and the next day... it grows again!


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OK, I feel like I am reading about myself. I have a clutter problem...I admit it. I use basket to organize the clutter but it doesn't work. I am in basket rehab myself. Great post!
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mel @ the larson lingo

Oh my gosh, this is so funny! I love baskets also (but not as much as you do! haha!) My husband on the other hand, hates baskets & gets so annoyed when I buy another one. He would be so happy if I mailed you all my extra baskets!