Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some updates and Sentiment today...

I wasn't expecting this, but I am completely having a very sentimental day. These days just creep up on me sometimes, but for some reason I assuming its stemming from the news of Layla Grace yesterday. Every song I've been hearing this morning has been bringing tears to my eyes, which I am also laughing about, because its just one of those days. Some of the songs that have choked me up are Smile by Uncle Cracker (no idea why!), Grown Men Don't Cry by, When the stars go blue, Live like you were dying all by Tim McGraw, Guess Im having a thing for that guy today :) (I have a soft spot for guys in cowboy hats that can play the guitar!, yes Zack knows haha) Our wedding song was It's your Love by T.M. as well.

Last night I invited everyone over for dinner (my parents, my sister's family, and my aunt, whom lost her husband a few weeks ago to cancer, who brought her grandkids over too). It was chaotic, as it usually is with six kids running around crazy while we're trying to prepare and eat dinner, but I just felt completely lucky and blessed for the family I have yesterday. We are very close and always there for eachother, just how family should be. So... Zack got a call a work from me yesterday saying when you stop home for lunch, take out more chicken, everyone's coming over :) (he didn't mind in the least) So what does he do, he sends out an email to everyone giving everyone 3 options for dinner in a menu format (how much do I love him :)):

1. Chicken cooked in a Lemon and Pinot Grigio sauce, garnished with
parsley and Rice

2. Chicken Madeira with baby portobella mushrooms and farfalle pasta

3. BBQ Chicken on the grill with Sweet Baby Rays, steamed corn on the
cob,and rice

All 3 meals to be served with a side Caesar salad

We ended up BBQing because its been a fantastic week weather wise in the Northeast!

Here are a few pictures my mom sent to me this morning of her dropping Camryn off at school, isn't she a doll!
And I guess this is what her and Jacoby are up to today after they dropped her off at school.
Now Some updates:

I got the fabric in the mail two days ago so I plan to start her dress finally this weekend and I will try to document the process for a possible tutorial :) My mom asked me last night, "when are you going to find the time to make it." The thought crossed my mind, but its high up on my laundry list.

I was in contact again with the Local Collection, which I first mentioned HERE. The application is complete, and now Im waiting to see if I will be able to sell my merchandise there or what! The store is suppose to open in Fanuel Hall (Boston) in April. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that this going to be an open door in my "venture."

Speaking of my "venture," (which I began ranting about here) I am completely enthralling my energy towards it right now. I told Zack the other night, "you know when you were younger and had no idea what you wanted to do with your life, well I finally realized what I want to do." I still have a lot of work, but extreme motivation to make it happen.

Happy Hump Day,


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